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BBQ Lamp With Bonus Expert Grilling Glasses BBQ Handle Clamp On LED For 24/7 Grilling


I had a bbq last week, my whole family came round, it was a fantastic day and continued on late into the early hours. I knew the would be going on until after dark so I purchased a grill light from a company called Grillhawk on Amazon to help me see what I was grilling.

I am so happy I had it to hand, as without it I'm sure there would have been some over cooked meat and even worse some under cooked meat, and I would have never forgiven myself if one of the my family fell ill because of my cooking.

I wasn't sure how useful it would be until I attached it to the grill handle just as the sun was going down. But to my surprise it really did the job, the fact it is clamp on, battery operated and heat resistant up to 415 F is important as I have used last minute lighting solutions before and all of them ended melting to some degree.

This version 2.0 has a few of extra features too, firstly the 3 light options let me choose the light level to extend the battery life. The head of the light can move in all directions so once I had clamped the bbq light to the grill handle, I didn't need to adjust it at any point after that.

But one thing that I didn't know was how handy the free pair of Grillhawk grilling glasses were. I was a a little apprehensive at first as I knew it would be an ideal opportunity for my family to mock me but using them was well worth the jibes at my expense.

I have often found my eyes get very irritated after a long time cooking at the grill, but these grilling glasses changed that completely and probably saved my eyelashes and eyebrows a few times during the course of the party.

Genuinely, I was really pleased with this purchase, the lamp did its job and the grilling glasses made the whole purchase really good value.

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