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High Quality Handheld Creme Brûlée Torch

This is branded as a culinary torch, but it can be used for so much more! The potential uses are endless!

-Obviously, it's perfect for everything you would need a chef's torch for in the kitchen: caramelizing, glazing, searing, grilling, melting or toasting.
-What is one of the worst tasks when going camping? Starting the fire! Bring this torch along, and no more hassling with the wood trying to get the fire burning without blowing out!
-Think about the 4th of July with this beauty! Lighting sparklers for the kids will be simple with this torch. Relighting punks that constantly go out, will now only take seconds!

With so many uses, it's amazing I haven't purchased one of these before!

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Now you can own a heavy duty torch just like professional chefs use!
Whether you are caramelizing, glazing, searing, grilling, melting or toasting, this Culinary Torch is perfect for chefs of all skill levels! Its heavy duty, professional grade body is durable, and built to withstand the chaos of a kitchen.
• The nozzle angle makes for comfortable use, and the finger shield provides an added layer of protection between your hand and the flame.
• Easy to use, just pull back the safety lock, turn fuel lever, and press the red trigger.
• Also perfect for wilderness survival, (who needs flint when you have a torch!), light soldering, and so much more!

A full torch can burn up to 60 minutes, with a 1300° C max flame temperature!

The torch ships empty. Butane sold separately. But, the torch is so simple to fill, just follow the instructions on the butane can. The base of the torch comes off to allow for easy access to refill valve.