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Impressive Black Ceramic Chef Knife Set Hinders Discoloring Of Fruit

I have a cousin who's a chef and he has been using a Ceramic Chef Knife Set by Solutionelle every single day for prepping fruit and vegetables.

Ever so curious, I asked why he likes them. His answer was - besides the knives' sharpness, he said that food doesn't turn brown as fast when he uses the ceramic chef knife or ceramic paring knife, especially for pears and apples. He explained that his stainless steel knives cause unattractive browning within minutes. He just can't have that when presenting meals to customers.

I had heard that ceramic knives are have no metal ions, and that they won't react with your food, but I assumed that was meaning for taste, not color.

In disbelief, I decided to experiment for myself. I began by chopping the first apple with a newly sharpened stainless steel knife, and a second apple with the Solutionelle ceramic Chef Knife. I allowed the fruit to sit, taking pictures at random intervals.

The results were shocking. It literally made me shout, "Oh my gosh!" right out loud. The apple cut with the stainless steel kitchen knife did turn brown a lot faster than the one I cut with the ceramic chef knife!

After about 15 minutes, the apple chopped with the ceramic knife had hardly oxidized at all. Meanwhile, the apple cut with the steel knife already showed signs of discoloration. Approximately an hour into the test, the differences became very visible.

I left the apple wedges on the counter overnight. The next day, I was even more astonished at what I saw. The apple cut with the Solutionelle Ceramic Chef Knife remained in the same condition as the evening before! There was no additional discoloration or oxidation. I was shocked!! I had never seen this before.

Because of the Solutionelle Ceramic Chef Knife set, I feel perfectly confident about prepping veggies and fruits in advance without having to stress over browning. During the time that I've been using these ceramic knives, they have impressed me more than any other kitchen knives that I've owned.

If you're reading this, give the Solutionelle Ceramic Knives a try and do your own experiment. Not only is it fun, but you will see these results for yourself and be amazed!


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Prepare food faster with ultra sharp, professional grade kitchen knives. Solutionelle's BPA Free, Ceramic Chef Knife - and BONUS ceramic paring knife - makes the cut!

With blades 2x as sharp as steel, these knives move easily through almost all fruits, vegetables and boneless meat. Minutes aren't wasted struggling or sawing. Customers claim that our hand-crafted, precision-angled blades have incredible sharpness retention.

many ceramic knives are made from 2# zirconia powder which is 30 percent weaker than Solutionelle's PURE 4# zirconia powder. Their exclusive Cold Isostatic Pressing and thicker spine ensure your ceramic chef knife and ceramic paring knife are MUCH MORE durable than others in the marketplace.

Solutionelle ceramic knives are non-reactive to acids and salts. Food stays fresher longer, browning of certain fruits and vegetables is much slower, and there's no chance of metallic taste. Blades are non-porous and can't harbor bacteria.

These kitchen knives won't stain and are easy to clean! Dishwasher safe, but hand washing and prompt safe storage is advised.

With Solutionelle's lightweight, comfort-grip handle, you'll notice less wrist and shoulder fatigue when making meals that require lots of chopping and cutting. Knife handles are secured to the blade with injection molding. This means no dangerous chemicals or knife breakage at the joint!

Proper use, softer cutting surface (wood or bamboo), and protective blade covers safeguard knife's edge while in use or storage.