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Make Fresh Nut Milk At Home With this 100% Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

NOW! Make Nut Milk for the Whole Family!

Picture making your own healthful, tasty milk from your favorite organic nuts and seeds. You can make almond, soy, walnut, cashew, or hemp milk. Home made nut milk tastes much better, is healthier and saves money.

A nut milk bag makes it simple. Look for all-natural, 100% cotton material with no glues or dyes which means no hazardous chemical compounds in your milk.

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It is simple to create healthy, tasty milk for your family from your favourite organic nuts and seeds. Nut milk at its most basic is the liquid produced and drained following mashing and blending nuts with water.

Here are answers to common questions about generating your own nut milk for your family:

How Do I Make Nut Milk?
Start by soaking 1 cup of nuts in water till they are soft, drain them, and then blend them in a blender with three cups of fresh water. The resulting mixture is then drained through a strainer bag that is specifically designed to keep unwanted solids out of the milk.

What Should I Look For in a Nut Milk Bag?
A standard nut milk bag is quart size and is designed to hold tight to the mouth of a container as you spoon in the blended nut mixture.
Health-conscious customers will want the nut milk bag to be chemical-free. Look for a bag that is labelled All Natural, 100% ORGANIC COTTON material without glues or dyes which means no hazardous chemical compounds in your food.

Other features to look for include:
REUSABLE - A sturdy, premium cotton fabric works much better than and outlasts cheesecloth.
ROUNDED CORNERS so that liquid flows with gravity with minimal spilling.
STURDY DRAW STRING to hold the bag during use and for soaking and drying.
PROPER SIZE suited for the container you have on hand.. Larger is not necessarily better. Some will attempt and sell you "large capacity" bags, and capacity is not as critical as the fit. We like the 10x12 inch bags because they are best for putting over the mouth of the blender—and this avoids spillage.

How Do I Make Almond Milk Smooth and Creamy?
Make certain that you have the right equipment. You don't require fancy high-priced machines like a "soy milk maker" or "almond milk maker", but rather a basic age-old method: A premium organic cotton cloth. Fine all-natural fabric just works the best to filter out larger milk solids for the best results.

How Do I Store Almond Milk?
Unused milk can be covered and stored in a refrigerator for one to 5 days, depending on the care you took in preparing the milk.

Almond milk will store longer if you avoid contamination with excess bacteria when making the milk, and by cooling the milk rapidly after you make it. Bacteria can be introduced from the air, from the utensils you use, or from your hands.

Can a Nut Milk Bag Be Utilised for Other Things Also?
Yes. These bags are widely used in water filtering, nut-milk filtering, juice filtering, cheese making and even as a cold brew coffee filter.

Why is Organic Cotton Far better Than Nylon Nut Milk Bags?
If you are concerned about chemical compounds in your milk, then purchase a cloth strainer bag that is produced with your health in mind: chemical-free, non-toxic and from unbleached fabric.
Organic cotton feels much better in use and performs much better in general. Side by side taste tests show that cotton is superior in generating higher quality nut milk. Grandma had the right notion.

How Do I Add Flavor to My Nut Milk?
Some individuals like their milk sweetened and flavored. Be certain to use the best components for the best outcomes. We've added a bit of honey or sugar to our nut milks, also vanilla and nutmeg or cinnamon, seasoning to taste.

How Do I Care For My Nut Milk Bag?
You can wash your cloth bag by hand and rinse it fully in warm water or you can launder it. Don't use soap as its residue can be retained in the fabric if you do not rinse completely and that can flavor the milk.

What About The Remaining Nut Solids?
The solids that remain after you've produced nut milk can be frozen for later use in baking or dried and refrigerated.

Where Do I Go For More Information?
The Nut Milk Bag from Dancing TreePeople Farm comes with a complimentary ebook with instructions, tips and simple recipes.