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  • Great detox tea for bloating and digestion.

    I love both tea bags and loose tea. I prefer to use loose tea at home so I can use my french press to make my tea and then use tea bag for when I am on the go. This tea tastes really good.

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    1092 days ago

  • Where to buy USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea for All Day Energy & Mental Focus

    A buddy of mine went on a company trip to Japan and returned raving about Matcha tea and how it was all over, and that I had to get some in my life. Interested, I browsed the web and did some research study and purchased the Matcha Green Tea Powder from Matcha Organics. Personally, the Matcha tea...

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    1096 days ago

  • Great flavor and well made

    My husband did not care for the taste and said it had a soap like taste which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 as he seems to have even more refined taste, but I was shocked by how good it was even for something that had so many health benefits. I haven't noticed a huge difference yet in ter...

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    1103 days ago

  • This jump rope gets me excited about working out again!

    It gave me some great tips on adjustability, technique, etc. Even if you are fairly new to working out like I am, I still think you could benefit from this jump rope. It's fun to use but also gives you a really kick butt workout.

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    1111 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Slightly disappointed that medium rare steaks didn't really develop grill marks, but chicken grilled nicely and didn't burn. Helps to heat up the mat for a couple of minutes before adding food. more Colon Cleanse articles by this author

    Tags: Detox, Weight Loss, Colon Cleanse

    1112 days ago

  • Weight loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia helps customer lose weight using diet plan

    The company provide a set meal plan and exercise routine their customers can use along whilst taking the weight loss supplement. Many customers have described how the supplement has improved energy levels and helped lose weight. LionHeart Supplements said it supports their customers and provides ...

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    1114 days ago

  • Check Out This Incredible Thyroid Support Supplement.

    With another thyroid support medication I have been taking I need to supplement the selenium separately, and it's nice to have to take just one less pill in the morning. This product seems fresh and is of a good strength. It is easy to take, that easy to remember. " Health Plus Prime...

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    1114 days ago

  • A Great Article About A New Thyroid Supplement.

    One extremely satisfied customer gave Health Plus Prime 's Thyroid Support a five-star review on Amazon stating, "I have been taking it a couple weeks and I started noticing a difference after the first week. I was impressed with how well it works. Other products have upset my stomach. This ...

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    1115 days ago

  • An Interesting Article About An Amazing Thyroid Support Supplement.

    I have been taking this supplement for about 10 days and for the first time in years I feel something close to my "old normal. " My old normal was the way I felt prior to having a child and having my hormones shake up like crazy. My sleep has leveled off and has gone from needing 10 hours a night...

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    1116 days ago

  • Check out the Best Thyroid Support Supplement

    Don't miss your opportunity to get your first bottle of Thyroid Support for just $2. This sale is this week only and Health Plus Prime typically runs out of inventory quickly, so it would be beneficial to take advantage of this great deal. "Our customers and their health are our first priorit...

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    1120 days ago

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