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  • Speed is a disappointment

    Pleased with the fact that I can charge 2 things at once but unfortunately finding it doesn't charge any quicker than any other charger that I've owned. click for other relevant tips

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    1015 days ago

  • Five Stars

    They work great for watching TV while working out on the rowing machine. Not the best audio quality, but they hold a charge for a week or so at 25 mins a day and do the job. see entire USB Charger post

    Tags: USB Charger, TartanTech Dual USB Charger, iPhone Charger

    1029 days ago

  • Nice and fast charging power for the home and office.

    I have not used my QI charging dock with this yet to see if it will be adequate enough to charge that, but I will try to update my findings down the road. I will mostly be using this charger at work, which means there will two devices plugged into the charger usually about 12 hours each day, so t...

    Tags: dual USB, Dual USB Charger, USB charger

    1030 days ago

  • The SecuPower's USB charger exceeded my expectations

    I took this charger with me on an out of town trip because there aren't usually enough outlets for all of my devices, computer, tablet, 2 phones, and iPod. This was a perfect solution and it charges my devices quickly. I was worried about the time it would take to charge when all slots were in us...

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    1050 days ago

  • Very pleased.

    Waited for it to dry before I dressed for bed. This morning I was so pleased. It leaves a very natural looking tan. So glad I tried it. read complete post

    Tags: TartanTech Dual USB Charger, Fast Charger, USB Charger

    1066 days ago

  • SecuPower Launches YouTube Video Explaining Why One Needs A Multiple USB Charger

    It is equipped with an intelligent chip to automatically detect the connected device and also supports a wide input range, so it can prove to be handy when you are travelling domestically or internationally. SecuPower, which currently offers its products on, promises to deliver additio...

    Tags: electronics, charging station, usb charger

    1070 days ago

  • The product is really cool and the solar charging is insane

    The product is really cool and the solar charging is insane. It is waterproof and comes with a flashlight and other neat features. read complete post

    Tags: USB Charger, Solar Charger, Cell Phone Battery

    1115 days ago

  • Fantastic Reviews Begin To Come In For iTHUMP Headphones And Are Available To See Now At

    I have been a certified headphone user whenever i travelled or when get bored in a crowded places. Im so happy that iglt this. Yes, wired headphone are not that clever. This headphone is so amazing! read entire USB Charger report

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    1146 days ago

  • SecuPower Launches New Year's Eve Promotion

    The CEO of SecuPower ended his interview at a recent press event with "New Year ‘s Eve calls for celebration for most people, and this is why we are releasing this promotion. We here at SecuPower would like our customers to find yet another reasons to be happy on this day.

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    1150 days ago

  • SecuPower Launches Day After Christmas Day Promo

    Promotional offerings from SecuPower not just focused around Christmas. December 26, 2015 - Toronto, ON PRESS RELEASER -- SecuPower will be launching a promotional voucher code SECUXMA2 to enable members of the public celebrating Day after Christmas Day to be able to get great discounts on SecuPo...

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    1155 days ago

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