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  • Four Stars

    I was very pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend this mat! other relevant articles

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    1154 days ago

  • Great charger!

    I bought this charger for a long road trip. We had multiple phones and a blue tooth all charging at the same time, It worked great. The quality and price was excellent!

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    1166 days ago

  • Two thumbs up!

    Best car charger I have ever used to date. I used to have a dollar charger and i can say there is a tremendous difference. Like they say, you get what you pay for. click for other relevant tips

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    1187 days ago

  • Nice quality cable

    Have been using for my IPad 3rd gen at least couple of months and still works like a champ. Love the 6' length gives a lot of flexibility.

    Tags: Car Charger, USB car charger, Tri-USB car charger

    1189 days ago

  • zoom zoom

    This stays hidden under my shirt and doesn't resemble a fanny pack at all because it is flat. This travel wallet holds a good amount. see complete Car charger post

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    1192 days ago

  • They seem to work great and look good as well

    We have received several of your lightning charges and they were gifts also got one for myself. They seem to work great and look good as well. Thanks for the follow up not many vendors do that. Car charger

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    1195 days ago

  • Good Product

    It has been invaluable on our last trip for the hours of peace and quiet for us and entertainment for him. more posts by this author

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    1243 days ago

  • Four Stars

    Please keep in mind that with any retinol product, your skin may purge before it gets better---you are shedding layers of the skin--so you may get a breakout of zits that would have come to surface in time anyway, this just expedites the process and then moves you on to clearer skin. Give any ret...

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    1265 days ago

  • Great Charger!

    Bought two and am using them on! They charge my devices (a tablet and cell phone) quickly. Love that there are TWO changing ports per unit, and they are BOTH high power. more relevant articles

    Tags: usb car charger, Boomur car charger, dual usb charger

    1276 days ago

  • Awesome USB Car Charger

    It works with multiple devices. I love the look and feel to it. It has duel colors orange and black and they look awesome together. I have to say this is the best looking USB Car Charger I have ever owed.

    Tags: smart phone chargers, car phone chargers, usb car charger

    1279 days ago

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