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  • Check out the remarkable Kohbi Compressible Camping and Travel Pillow Now on!

    Our customers, no matter where they live, can conveniently order our product online and have it delivered to their home in a matter of days. This is a working partnership that benefits everyone, so we are very happy to have this arrangement in place for our Camping Pillow. " The Kohbi Camping ...

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    1124 days ago

  • Smileylife shares about the second version of travel pillow - Mildtravel Buddy from Smileylife

    "It is an amazing feedback, not much as expected but it isn't bad. We could sell almost one hundred pieces during the promotion period. Therefore, we could reach monthly goal easier. 50USD of Mildtravel Buddy was available until May 16, 2016 for customers who purchased at least one piece of M...

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  • Four Stars

    I wanted to love it because of the energy it gives you with no crash, no chemicals and bad things, it is very good for you, as you can see the " super food" on the label. Depending on your likes, there are a ton of smoothie recipe's online, you can also just put it in a jar and shake, sha...

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    1142 days ago

  • I like when I solve an irritating problem! THIS PILLOW IS AWESOME!

    My first impressions were that the fabric and construction are first rate, very soft fleecy covering over a very supportive memory foam core. I used it on a really early morning 4 hour flight first up, and IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER BEEN ABLE TO SLEEP ON A PLANE, AT WILL, AND BE MOSTLY COM...

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    1142 days ago

  • Everyone's raving - The top selling new memory foam pillow will be back with new and better features !

    The right thickness of the pillow, coupled with good responsive foam, is supposed to render every user the ultimate custom fit. Positive reviews for the pillow have also been heard ranging from its plush cover, anti-apnea feature to generous pillow carrier. click for more relevant tips

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  • Very comfortable with a relaxing feel

    Super plush and soft to the touch. Feels comfortable around the neck and offers ample support to the head.

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    1156 days ago

  • Smileylife shares their current promotion available on

    " At first, Mildtravel Buddy is priced at $45, but it is currently scaled down to $35. When customers purchase 2 or more pieces of Mildtravel Buddy, they will get free-shipping service from "Amazon will give free-shipping service to all customers who purchase any products in any ...

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  • Great travel pillow, supports well, has washable cover

    There is almost impossible to relax without travel pillow during a long flight. I have a couple pillows - inflatable and with micro beads. Both of them just ok. I have a long flight this April (10 hours), so have bought Kohbi Travel Bliss Plush Memory Foam Neck Pillow. I am impressed with the q...

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    1161 days ago

  • Wonderful pillow!

    I tend to travel a lot. By car or by air this pillow comes in handy! more travel pillow articles

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    1171 days ago

  • Smileylife launches special price for all clients.

    "We would like to thank you our customers for all supports for the past three months. So we are now launching promotion to you all. " said by the representative of Smileylife. He also continues the conversation by saying that "this special promotion will be available for all customers from 1st Ap...

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