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  • Fizz Bath Bombs: Fun Bath Bomb Gift Set That Comes With 3 Extra Large Bombs

    You look in the diary and you see that your kid has been invited to yet another birthday party this weekend. The feeling of pride that your kid is so popular is quickly followed by the panic that you have to find a gift for the birthday boy.If you're anything like me, you have already purcha...

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    2392 days ago

  • Adjustable Bath Toy Organizer by Luna Child - Sturdy High Quality Basket

    Parents understand that bath time can be a little crazy with numerous toys drifting around! A bath toy organizer can help. But with numerous choices, what should parents pick? The Luna Baby brand has actually launched a sturdy and adjustable basket that can quickly arrange toys. This basket is st...

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    2397 days ago

  • Adjustable Bath Toy Organizer by Luna Child - Sturdy High Quality Basket

    Parents understand that bath time can be a little crazy with a lot of toys floating around! A bath toy organizer can assist. But with a lot of options, what should parents select? The Luna Baby brand has released a sturdy and adjustable basket that can quickly organize toys. This basket is strong...

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    2459 days ago

  • Premium Bath Toy Organizer

    Bath time with our kids can be the happiest and the worst part of the day. Not only is it a vital part of the bonding process, it also acts as a time when many other areas of our childs development happens. Most parents however, also have to think about the practicalities of bath time which then ...

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    2480 days ago

  • Premium 3600 Neon Loom Band Kit - Fantastic Gift for Any Age Crafter

    This must-have accessory is fantastic fun for children to teens. Have lots of fun creating your own unique glow-in-the-dark friendship bracelets, necklaces, rings and more with easy to follow, simple directions.There are never-ending trendy, fantastic designs to make and so many various mixes of ...

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    2530 days ago

  • Water Balloon Launcher - 200 Yards Of Guaranteed Happy Time and Fun

    I bought this 200-Yard Water Balloon Catapult on Amazon from aGreatife brand and we used this for the very first time the other day. I was frightened that it was going to snap or come apart or strike us in the face however it held out simply fine, even with kids utilizing it. We set up a target i...

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    2584 days ago

  • Unique And Fascinating Gift to Give This Holiday Season

    I dislike handing out money because there is no thought put into the present; however, kids nowadays just seem to desire the money. aGreatLife thought of a fun loving way of gift giving and this time they must work for it. This is definitely a gift you wish to give yourself for the sole purpose o...

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    2586 days ago

  • Unique But Very Interesting Way to Give Cash, Checks, And Gift Cards on Special Occasions

    I give gifts to my three younger siblings each year, and each time I try to present them in a unique way. I thought about a much better alternative on ways to have it this year and given that all of them love surprises and challenges and I like mazes so I decided to give them the money maze puzzl...

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    2611 days ago

  • 2x2 Speed Cube - Hours of Relaxation In The Palm Of Your Hand

    Many people who work from home appreciate silence and do not wish to lose focus when working. I'm a mom and I work from house with 3 children as my distraction. I thought of a much better way to keep them from bothering me whenever I'm busy by merely allowing them to films or play comput...

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    2627 days ago

  • Exciting New FormIt Plastic for Crafts, Repairs, Prototyping and so Much More.

    I am so excited about a new product called Form*It that I found on Amazon.  It's a hand moldable plastic and it is earth-friendly.  It's super easy to use. Just pour some of the the rice sized pellets into 140 degrees F water for a couple of minutes to soften. Then form what yo...

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    2642 days ago