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  • Sweet Dreams Ahead!

    It is soft and cuddly, washes well, and is just perfect for one precious little head. She's been using it at our house since she turned 2, a year now. click for more relevant posts

    Tags: hypoallergenic kid pillow, toddler pillow, bedding

    1076 days ago

  • soft and more comfort

    I can layer it under my makeup, but I normally wear it at night only. I have sensitive skin and I was a little concerned that this product would make my face red or sting, but I was happily surprised that I didn't react to it at all.

    Tags: toddler pillow, nursery, children

    1091 days ago

  • Great pillow!

    After doing some research I decided to purchase the Dreamtown Toddler Pillow based on its reviews. My son who usually moved around his bed several times a night before getting this pillow and now gets a more restful sleep since his constant moving has decreased tremendously.

    Tags: home, toddler pillow, kid pillow

    1120 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Overall this makes a nice cup of coffee and looks really nice on a dining room table. We just bought a dark oak table and it is the perfect look at the center of the table. Now one last thing to make this a double purpose purchase, I have been using it as a water pitcher as well. see complete hom...

    Tags: home, kid pillow, toddler pillow

    1123 days ago

  • Happy Toddler

    Tags: toddler pillow, hypoallergenic kid pillow, bedding

    1124 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Excellent cubes, work well and fit perfectly. We are using these for clothing storage, and I would not use them for anything much heavier, but great for what they are being used for!

    Tags: Toddler Pillow, Pillowcase, Certified Organic Cotton

    1132 days ago

  • Great product for a hot day

    I take this out from the fridge and bring it with me as I leave the house. It makes getting into the car, and staying comfortable as the car cools down so much more pleasant. I also like that it is easy to clean. I am planning on getting a second one for my passenger seat for my wife! I have rece...

    Tags: toddler pillow, child fever, gel pillow

    1134 days ago

  • We love that it is the perfect size for her bed

    Our daughter loves her new pillow! We love that it is the perfect size for her bed. It does not overwhelm the space.

    Tags: toddler pillow, bedding, kid pillow

    1148 days ago

  • yay cool pillows

    We put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes and that seemed to do the trick. He used to have a chillow, which worked well for a time but needed to be filled with water. Then it needed to be refilled at one point and if you don't do it correctly it doesn't work and then ends up leaking. Well the...

    Tags: gel pillow, cooling mat, toddler pillow

    1149 days ago

  • just like her dolly

    My little one loves this pillow. We ordered it when we noticed her starting to rest her head on the couch pillows or those on our bed. She used it the first night we put it in her crib and she woke up wanted to carry it around, just like her dolly. We like that it is made without chemicals and fi...

    Tags: little one's pillow, toddler pillow, toddler pillowcase

    1156 days ago

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