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  • great new food gadget

    I think I am going to order a backup. I have had it for a while now and it's pretty awesome. spiral slicer

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    1111 days ago

  • Highly recommend.

    Can be used on small twigs to get a campfire going or to cut electric wires while working in the garbage. Overall, we are very happy with this purchase and will check out the sellers other products they offer.

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    1127 days ago

  • Works great on zucchini - lacks clear instructions on how to use

    Very easy to use and quite fast - I had the zucchini done in just a few minutes. I really liked this but took a star away due to lack of instructions. This is my first spiralizer to own so I don't have anything to compare it to as far as quality and ease of use. If I were purchasing this without...

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    1161 days ago

  • Eating veggies has never been so much fun for kids and even adults

    This hair conditioner smells great and left my kids hair soft and manageable. A little goes a long way, the kids were surprised at how little they needed. Even this morning their hair was very easy to brush through. This product was provided to me for free or at a discount in exchange for an hone...

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    1165 days ago

  • Fun kitchen gadget.

    They have self tanning oil in them. They aren't very saturate, so you might have to use two at a time. You wipe whichever part of your body you want and then wait a few hours and your tan will start showing. see complete post

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    1182 days ago

  • NimNik Kitchen space Promotes Clean Eating with Spiral Slicer

    Sizing for the slices can be adjusted with four differently sized blades. Dishes from salads to stir-fry's and even veggie spaghetti can be made with less effort. NimNik not only makes healthy eating easy, but cleanup is just as effortless. A brush and food pick easily remove any food particl...

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    1190 days ago

  • Spiralizer easy to use and clean!

    Easy to use and clean; made zoodles with tomatoes and onions, it was great! Can't wait to try more recipes!

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    1199 days ago

  • Sturdy for veggies

    I'm unsure of durability at this time but it does work pretty well and seems sturdy. Perfect if you're trying to make "zoodles" and other items. other Spiral slicer posts

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    1200 days ago

  • NimNik Enterprises Releases New Line of Cooking area Products

    With four different sized interchangeable blades, the spiral slicer makes it possible to create a variety of slices. Blades range in size from 3 mm to 70 mm making it suitable for use with different dishes to be cooked. click for more spiral slicer tips

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    1200 days ago

  • RealFoodSquad Releases the Newest Handheld Spiralizer on the Market

    It can also create ribbons of other similarly shaped vegetables such as carrots, winter squashes, cucumbers and even sweet potatoes. Try it once and you'll be hooked," said Mr.

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    1206 days ago

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