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  • Far better than other sleep masks I've tried!

    I have allot of trouble staying asleep & have tried other masks but they are just not usually very comfortable and I always stuff them in a drawer and forget about them, because I can't get used to them! I've been having trouble staying asleep again as of late, and went on a search for anothe...

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  • An Informative Article About A Beneficial Sleep Mask

    A Video On The Benefits Of The Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs. May 9, 2016 - Ossining, New York PINK COLLAR PRESS -- The Beauty market is a multi-billion dollar industry flooded with retinol creams and salves that promise to reduce wrinkles and the effects of aging. click for other Health tips

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  • An Awesome Article on Joy And A Sleep Mask

    A Fun Video On The Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs. May 9, 2016 - Ossining, New York BOWHEAD PRESS -- Women juggle many responsibilities and take on many demanding roles in their careers, family lives, and social lives. A recent article by the online journal Pure Wow shared the secrets of happy w...

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  • An Awesome Article on Joy And A Sleep Mask

    Most importantly, women who tend to be happier make rest a priority by getting enough sleep each night and nurturing themselves with meditation and relaxation to beat stress. Conscious Choices recommends blocking light with their Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs for happy sleeping. The eye shade'...

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  • An Interesting Article On A Great Sleep Mask

    May 3, 2016 - Ossining, New York REPORTER -- Diet is a balancing act of nutrition and vitamins and when something is lacking, such as vitamin B12, it can throw the body's equilibrium out of whack. Those who suffer from B12 deficiency may experience dizziness from standing up too quickly or walkin...

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  • Comfortable Sleep Mask with Ear plugs Gives Natural Sleep in Time for Hectic

    Care of the sleep mask is minimal, it can be hand washed and just laid flat to dry. The sleep mask is also ideal for travel or just taking a nap.

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  • Comfortable Sleep Mask with Ear plugs Provides Natural Sleep in Time for Hectic

    Soft,comfortable adjustable strap allows for a custom fit. This blindfold comes with a buckle closure that does not snag hair. Drift to Sleep's mask comes in a purple gift ready box along with 2 pairs of soft, purple foam Moldex earplugs which are Made in USA. A purple colored gem case is al...

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  • ... than buying new curtains with blackout lining and very comfortable!

    My boyfriend is delighted with the product and happy to recommend it. *********************************************************Disclosure: I purchased this product at a discounted price and was asked to write an unbiased review. I confirm these views are my own and they have not been influenced i...

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  • Check out a cool article about an amazing way to protect your hearing throughout the day

    One a set of 20 purple soft foam earplugs in Drift to Sleep's purple gift box along with a pocket pack. The other offering is a set of 50 value priced Moldex Sparkplugs in a no-frills package. Ear plugs block out noise and aid in a good night's rest.

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  • Very soft

    This only came in black and I love black BUT I may have wanted an option of a different color so it would stand out from other travel pillows. This arrives rolled up in a ball inside a grey bag that has a drawstring closure. The pillow is Ushaped so it fits nicely on your neck and gives you suppo...

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