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    I received this product at a discount in exchange for a review, however, I buy shea regularly and so this was a blessing! I highly recommend this brand. It comes in glass to maintain integrity of the shea and the owl packaging is adorable. USDA Organic

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    1001 days ago

  • Get rid of eczema naturally and quickly with skin care from pHat 5.5

    This is especially important for people with sensitive skin. One popular choice is the new pHat 5. Recently launched on, this cream has been receiving excellent reviews and customers are pleased with the results. Stacey was looking for a natural alternative for her son after concerns w...

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    1006 days ago

  • I'm quite happy.

    I've never used Shea Butter to make my own lotion before, so I have nothing to compare this to. However, it arrived in a timely fashion, and the product is just as described. read entire shea butter post

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    1020 days ago

  • Amazing shea butter packaged like a gift!

    It is a nice, easy to use texture and consistency. I've been using it on my face and feet. A little bit goes a long ways, and I have been very pleased with its affect on my skin. I have dry skin, and it has really helped a lot. As an added bonus, it is packaged like a gift! Shea Butter

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    1021 days ago

  • Wise Owl Organics Has actually Reached A Target It Set For Facebook

    We'd like to see more people interact with us and those using our social media pages. That's where we're headed and our milestones are a reflection of our goals. " In anticipation of the milestones set and in order to attain their goals Wise Owl Organics made use of Facebook Ads in...

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    1028 days ago

  • Wise Owl Organics prepares updates to the site

    The founder of Wise Owl Organics had this to say about the upcoming changes: "We're very excited to see the business grow another notch this year. It's been a successful run for us and we're ready to up our game and see what the next challenge holds for us. We're confident that in...

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    1031 days ago

  • Eliminate eczema naturally and quickly with skin care from pH5.5

    April 27, 2016 - Clearwater, Florida TOM FOOL PRESS -- Whether suffering from atopic or dyshidrotic eczema or just inflamed red itchy skin, the pHat5. 5 Eczema Wash is a very popular natural product used throughout the United States to treat this condition. Made using natural and organic ingredi...

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    1032 days ago

  • Wise Owl Organics is revealing the end of the Shea butter Spring Sale

    The founder of Wise Owl Organics, who is directly responsible for decisions regarding their product commented the following: "We've thoroughly enjoyed running this sale and look forward to offering future discounts. There will be a wider range of products to discount in the near future and we...

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    1035 days ago

  • Wise Owl Organics plans a growth of their Shea Butter business

    The company's plan is to grow their online business portal and sell their USDA certified 100% natural East African Shea butter in Canada, Mexico, and Europe, where a demand for high-quality natural beauty products exist. Founder, Amy Newman, had this to say about the company expansion: "We...

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    1049 days ago

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    It’s made very well too and I appreciate the high quality. I really like the small size and simple design.

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    1050 days ago

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