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  • Four Stars

    You get what you pay for. I was not expecting this. My grandson is hands down the wettest kid in the world. He has eczema and psoriasis around the back of his neck. read entire Monopod post

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    1133 days ago

  • Five Stars

    It made brushing my dogs a lot easier and a lot quicker that it usually is. It works very well, it does not pull, and it helps you to see where the knots need to be cut. I have two long haired dogs and a poodle.

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    1152 days ago

  • A Really Cool Short article About Taking Selfies in the Spring

    "It's light and it folds down to a small size, but it extends out to 30 inches, making it ideal for taking selfies that include springtime flowers. " The Globe Stick, named for the ball-shaped end where the phone mounts, offers 270-degrees of adjustment, allowing users to precisely dial in...

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    1173 days ago

  • Nice Selfie Stick

    I purchased this product for mainly as cell phone selfie stick, but I am surprised that it's made with very hard materials that can cary heavier machineries, such as cameras. Will definitely try to use it in my next vacation! see entire Selfie Stick article

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    1186 days ago

  • And I love it!

    So easy to use and It's got great extension. Just exactly what I needed. Can't wait to take it with me to coming up trips to New York and Russia. read entire Monopod report

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    1190 days ago

  • This is by far the best selfie stick I have ever tried

    This is by far the best selfie stick I have ever tried. It extends incredibly far and was so sturdy and easy to hold while extended.

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    1192 days ago

  • Checkout This Half Off Selfie Stick Amazon Coupon Code

    A simple RC connection plug from the product into most smartphones is all that is needed. Each purchase includes a bonus waterproof carrying case & wrist strap. The SpyCrushers Selfie Stick can be located on AMAZON.

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    1207 days ago

  • Now obtainable on New Cool Pocket Size Selfie Stick

    Imre Luht, FittSmile Founder and CEO. Fittsmile Selfie Stick fuses convenience, flexibility and stability to help take breathtaking, unique shots, safely and at unbelievable speed. Fittsmile Selfie Stick is the new member of the Fittsmile product's family. The Small Selfie Stick comes togethe...

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    1214 days ago

  • It is very solid and handy. It would be ...

    It is very solid and handy. It would be even nicer if they can make it longer for a 50mm SLR to take a full picture of selfie. more Smart Phones posts by this author

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    1216 days ago

  • Five Stars

    The material is much nicer than any other bib I have and protects clothes well! It is super cute too! The pocket does a great job of catching crumbs!

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    1220 days ago

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