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  • Both Colors And Sizes For The Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush By The Pet Portal Available Now In

    We thank everyone who brought this to our attention. We really appreciate it, added Cryson. The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush by The Pet Portal is said to have been created using high quality stainless steel bristles that can easily remove loose fur and dirt from the pet's coat. http://www.bluetent...

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    1114 days ago

  • Kiserena Chamois Towel Continues To Showcase In Amazon

    Together with Amazon's free shipping offer for Prime members, a free e-book is also provided with the product. The chamois towel comes in a hygienic plastic container for further convenience. This shammy is easy to wring and machine-washable that it helps the users to an easy clean up. In order t...

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    1128 days ago

  • Great Product!

    Omega Pet Dog Ear Cleaner is one that you can do either way, so I gave both a try. It definitely helps get the dirty out and off of her ear, so it definitely does it’s job! I am planning on using it regularly to help keep her ears cleaner and healthier. It also has a lemony scent, which is nice, ...

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    1137 days ago

  • this product is a tip above the rest

    My dressers are high quality all wood dresser and I worried that the hardware would mess up the dresser. It works just like I needed it to.

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    1140 days ago

  • Working So Far

    Our dog has an issue with itchy skin. He use to always rub his back on the carpet attempting to scratch his back. We tried different shampoos and nothing work. This one has worked for him. After a couple of shampoos, it seems to be working. more pet grooming posts by this author

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    1140 days ago

  • The Green Self Cleaning Dog Brush By The Pet Portal Team To Be Restocked Very Soon In

    The Pet Portal team gives a brief update regarding the availability of their Green Self Cleaning Slicker Brush in Watch this short video demonstrating The Pet Portal slicker brush in action. May 6, 2016 - Wilmington, Delaware PRESS OUTLET -- The Pet Portal team has announced that thei...

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    1146 days ago

  • Additional Pro Slicker Brushes By HappyDogz Soon To Reach In Amazon

    They specialize in dog grooming and offer a range of quality dog grooming tools and dog leashes. Contact Jade Cryson 3024153010 media@happydogz. click for more relevant articles

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    1154 days ago

  • SUPER VALUE PACK Multi-Purpose Anti Tip TELEVISION Strap - Great Child Proofing For Your Home

    I have actually heard before from my good friends that this may happen early however with our little lady it was very early. She wasn't even 6 months old and she was already aiming to stand and see exactly what the world has to offer. What I did not understand was that our flat screen tv was ...

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    1159 days ago

  • This new Dog Toothpaste Product is very stunning!

    Petseer has is going to do it again – their annual promotional activities. Petseer said that they are going to release their new discounted coupon code for their new Dog Toothpaste dog breath freshener product on in the next few days. April 22, 2016 - Beaverton, Oregon HOLLY AND IVY P...

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    1160 days ago

  • So happy I made this purchase!

    Baths have always made his skin more sensitive. This shampoo seems to not only help but heal his dry cracking skin.

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    1169 days ago

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