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  • Mary & Kate, Inc. Provides a Huge Price Off On Pet Food Bowl + Toys Set

    This is a really great set for any cat owner! I'm going to buy a set for my brothers cat.

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    1138 days ago

  • Happy customer

    My Pomeranian has been the unhappy recipient of this product, which I happily got at a discount for my unbiased review. While is she unhappy because she doesn't know how good it is for her when I'm deshedding her, I am very happy with how much deshedding this tool does. I have have been using it ...

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    1138 days ago

  • Mary & Kate, Inc. Continues Discounted Promo On Dog Toy with Squeaker Until March

    Myself, after listening to too much dog toy squeaking, I tend to get grumpy and want to take the toy away. This one is such a quiet, gentle noise that you'd almost not even notice it. " Along with the discounted price, Mary & Kate, Inc is also offering a money back guarantee to its cus...

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    1139 days ago

  • Five Stars

    I actually have been using these for my homemade bath bomb molds,They are the coolest bath bombs I've made yet! They are perfect in size,look really awesome! I also made ice with them and they worked amazing for ice too! These are made of heavy duty silicone/rubber they are definetly one of the h...

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    1140 days ago

  • Five Stars

    When I lift my weights and do my deadlifts and such like that the armband stays in place and doesn't move. This is an excellent product. I received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. dogs

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    1141 days ago

  • A super article on an all natural dog snack made in the USA

    They are extremely proud that all ingredients are U. Sourced and all manufacturing is done in the United States. In addition, the company supports the military by donating a portion of all sales to an organization that trains service dogs for disabled veterans.

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    1146 days ago

  • Ground Breaking New Shoe Tray Goes On Sale

    By providing a protective barrier for surfaces, it prevents puddles, scuff marks, dirty surfaces and other damage that is typically caused by wet muddy or snow laden shoes. It is constructed with durable and eco-friendly material. click for other relevant tips

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    1149 days ago

  • Check out this cool Leap Year deal on turkey dog treats made in the USA

    Healthy Dog Treats Made In USA. February 26, 2016 - Bolton, CT INVADER PRESS -- These natural dog treats from Green Butterfly Brands have been selling well on Amazon for months. The original 16-ounce size was recently joined by the 32-ounce Saver size, available at the Leap Year Sale price of $26...

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    1153 days ago

  • Petseer's new Odor Spray for Dog Pads product is super marvelous!

    90% of pet homes or household with pets have claimed to have been distressed with their pets' secretions on their carpets and floor upholsteries most definitely. Some have even stated to have spend extravagantly on expensive household treatments just to get rid of this issue and according to Pets...

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    1153 days ago

  • Petseer's new Odor Spray for Dog Pads product is super quality!

    Petseer has released this product on a few months back and has been greatly successful for many pet owners today. The new Pet Odor Remover for dog pads product of Petseer was created by the company to be able to solve one of pet owners' troubled and worried pet issues – their pets' sta...

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    1153 days ago

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