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  • great product for a great price

    The comb works well for my Persians thick coat for the occasional matt. I love the fact that the comb has two different sides for de-matting solutions. click for other pet supplies tips

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    1131 days ago

  • Nice all around supplement for dogs, no other supplements needed

    I mix it in yogurt and give it to my dogs daily. I was not too sure about coral calcium and I cannot find a lot of information on it but I love that it has 74 natural minerals.

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    1141 days ago

  • Four Stars

    I was very impressed when it arrived and I tried it on. I am hoping that it stands up to everyday wear and tear but so far it seems to be build pretty solid.

    Tags: eco-friendly litter bags, dog poop bags, pet supplies

    1160 days ago

  • Four Stars

    It fits securely on her crib mattress without any difficulty getting it on. Machine washable and dryer safe. It provides comfort and protection to her mattress at a great price! I received this item for free in exchange for a product review. All opinions expressed here are my own. http://amazon.c...

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    1163 days ago

  • Helpful Information Explains New Company Social Media Account

    This expansion into yet another social media platform is a significant step in Simpetico®'s online presence, which builds on their line of premium pet care supplies available for sale on ecommerce behemoth, Since their inception in mid-2015, Simpetico® has been cultivating their c...

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    1166 days ago

  • Absolutely worth it

    Made cookies last night using both and hands down, the Island Ware made a better, more evenly cooked cookie. Looking forward to seeing the full sheet.

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    1170 days ago

  • Check Out This New Chicken Jerky Dog Treat Made In America

    Initial feedback from customers has been very favorable and we hope to release more new products in the near future in addition to our original dog treat, Bark at the Moon Natural Turkey Dog Treats. " Bark at the Moon Chicken Jerky is made of one ingredient, 100% USDA Grade A Chicken Breast fr...

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    1173 days ago

  • Love this product!

    But out of all the previous "odor eliminators" or "enzyme" products I was still left with a cat box smell. Enough to drive anyone up the wall. So while browsing for alternative products I came across this one and thought "why not?

    Tags: Pet Stains, Pet odor remover, Pet supplies

    1177 days ago

  • Petseer's Odor Remover product suddenly wipes my worries away from my house odor caused by my cat's urine!

    Lately, more and more people have been recommending the product on their pages online and not long ago, blog/ marketing site has joined this trend as they have claimed to have seen the product's capacity to be an effective pet stain and odor cleaner for pet homes. About Pets...

    Tags: pet odor remover, cat urine, pet supplies

    1179 days ago

  • This grooming mitt really is first class! Ask my dogs!

    The velcro strap at the wrist part also helps keep it in place. My dogs love when it is time to watch tv because that means they get petted, groomed and massages. I am pretty sure this is their favorite time of the day. I recommend this grooming mitt. click for more pet supplies tips

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    1182 days ago

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