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  • Petseer's new Pet Odor & Stain Remover is terrific!

    Petseer's new Dog Pads Pet Stain Remover product has been launched by the company Petseer on recently and according to the pet-product supplier, the product has instantly become a sensation on the site. The formula is raved and is constantly praised for its amazing and fast cleaning ab...

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    1103 days ago

  • in combination with a non-stop high frequency perimeter dog whistle, works great.

    Got rid of the odors from the previous dogs that decided to do their thing all over my new apartment. Still, the stains remain on hardwood and no liquid can repair that. read entire Pet Stain Remover post

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    1130 days ago

  • It was very easy to use

    It's sturdy and does the job well. And I feel good knowing its non toxic! But, the price was lowered about $3 a week after I bought it.

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    1204 days ago

  • This new Pee Pads Odor Remover Amazon product from Petseer is so shocking in making my home clean!

    It used to effectively and successfully eliminate stubborn, tough and even year-old stains on carpets and other floor upholsteries. The product is also an effective pet repellent as it discouraged pets from remarking areas where they have left their stains and other dirt. Petseer claimed that the...

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    1213 days ago

  • Petseer's new Odor Spray for Dog Pads product is super marvelous!

    90% of pet homes or household with pets have claimed to have been distressed with their pets' secretions on their carpets and floor upholsteries most definitely. Some have even stated to have spend extravagantly on expensive household treatments just to get rid of this issue and according to Pets...

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    1216 days ago

  • Petseer's new Odor Spray for Dog Pads product is super quality!

    Petseer has released this product on a few months back and has been greatly successful for many pet owners today. The new Pet Odor Remover for dog pads product of Petseer was created by the company to be able to solve one of pet owners' troubled and worried pet issues – their pets' sta...

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    1216 days ago

  • Does the job

    I have an old dog with stomach problems and must clean up his mess all the time, Great product, good company. read full Odor Eliminator post

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    1245 days ago

  • Simply the best!!

    The pet odor and urine stains are completely gone. The sprayer produces a fine mist that covers every inch. Glad I bought an additional gallon, in case I ever need it again.

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    1265 days ago

  • Petseer's Enzyme Cleaner is so mind-boggling at fighting disease-causing germs found on pet secretions!

    According to the company, they have engineered this pet product to be able to help pet owners with their house-cleaning issues mst particularly the ones with pets which are having potty-training issues. Petseer's new Enzyme Cleaner product is an effective germ-cleaning formula that removes and th...

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    1266 days ago

  • It performed beautifully, with no creeping back of the stain

    It performed beautifully, with no creeping back of the stain, as sometimes happens. I'm very happy to have it and it's more reasonably priced than the Equalizer product I initially intended to order. I thought I'd try this first and I'm happy I did! Also, I should mention that the personal touch ...

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    1274 days ago

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