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  • AFPCYCLING Exposes the ABC of Cycling

    Every bike has a recommended tire pressure that cyclists must follow. AFPCYCLING's micro bike pump is a good addition to a bike maintenance kit because it can help inflate flat tires anywhere, anytime. B- This stands for Brakes which means cyclists must make sure that the brakes are working prope...

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    982 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING Discusses Different Kinds of Biking Shoes

    Riders must know the importance of choosing the right shoes. June 6, 2016 - Los Angeles, California STABLE PRESS -- AFPCYCLING in Amazon. They designed their products to cater to the needs of cycling enthusiasts. But aside from that, the company also helps educate people about other aspects of ...

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    992 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING Lists Down Various Types of Bike Pump

    One of the most basic and important tool every cyclist must have is a tire pump. May 28, 2016 - Los Angeles, California ULTIMATE -- AFPCYCLING in Amazon. This product is made from high quality aluminum materials, lightweight and portable. The company believes that one of the most basic and impo...

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    1001 days ago

  • Great bike pump!

    When we got this in the mail, I was skeptical because of it's small size. But once we used it, we were pleasantly surprised with how well it worked! I like that it screws on to the valve on the tire and is very easy to operate. There's a grove on the handle that I don't really care for, but it pu...

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    1011 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING shares List of Fundamental Cleaning Materials for Bikes

    Soap or bike wash cleaner- This is used in cleaning the entire frame of the bike. Brushes- There is different sizes and shapes of brushes that are used to remove grime or dirt that water can't remove. Chain lubricant – This is used to lubricate the chain of the bike to keep it on good condition a...

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    1013 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING Discusses about the various qualities of roadway bikes.

    AFPCYCLING considered road biking as a fun and exciting way to improve fitness. It gives a person a chance to see and absorb the environment at his/her own pace. It also provides a good opportunity to meet other people and to join groups or biking associations.

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    1023 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING's Things to think about When Bicycling Helmet

    The company believes that in order to be safe, a cyclist must wear the right kind of helmet. However, there are things to consider when bicycling helmet. Not knowing what to choose and how to choose will make the task more challenging. Many people suffer major head injuries from bicycling acciden...

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    1037 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING's Things to think about When Bicycling Helmet

    A helmet is one of the most important bicycling safety accessories. Because of this, a cyclist must choose a helmet that offers that best protection against impact. It must be made from high quality products and DOT approved. The cost of the product is another thing to consider when buying a helm...

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  • AFPCYCLING's Ways to obtain Rid of Cycling Fears

    A person must believe in themselves and their capacity to handle the bike while in the road. If a person believes that bicycling presents a lot of advantage in life then they must overcome their fears by following these simple tips: 1.

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    1050 days ago

  • AFPCYCLING's Tips for Bicycling on Hot Weather

    Some of the best routes are at the countryside where there is enough stress to keep riders away from the heat of the sun. They should also bring maps and emergency bike kit in order to prevent accidents. Cyclist must dress properly for the hot weather.

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