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  • New Arnica Oil Formula Offers Fast Relief from Muscle Pain, Bruises, and Emotional Stress.

    This new Rapid Healing Formula created by Imperial Being combines this extremely high quality Arnica with a synergistic blend of organic essential oils and minerals known in traditional medicine to reduce stress and anxiety, and to heal all types of injuries, both physical and emotional. Essentia...

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    1062 days ago

  • Smells AMAZING!!

    I received this product at a free or reduced price in exchange for my very honest review. I ALWAYS give my very best assessment of any product I review as I rely heavily on these reviews to make my own purchases. Thank you so much for reading my review and have a Blessed Day! other peppermint oil...

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    1143 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Don't have to worry about dropping it. Can make a single cup or 2 cup ,,very fast. Will be buying a second for work,,easy to clean.

    Tags: myofascial, massage, foam roller

    1154 days ago

  • Five Stars

    It only took about 2 days to receive it. I decided to get a brush because my dog wasn't too fond of a groomer tending to his hair problem. massage

    Tags: therapeutic, massage, lavender oil

    1157 days ago

  • Love a bit of it rubbed between my palms and ...

    Love a bit of it rubbed between my palms and applied to my hair, ends the frizzies and great shine! click for more Hair Moisturizer tips

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    1172 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Tags: fragrance, essential oil, massage

    1179 days ago

  • Five Stars

    I really have a hard time finding glasses that I actually like and that keeps my eyes from being blinded while walking outside on a sunny day. These keep the sun out of my eyes and did not hurt the back of my ears like most glasses like these. Also the case it came with is great because its so sm...

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    1196 days ago

  • I highly recommend this foam roller

    I highly recommend this foam roller. It's amazing that a concept so simple makes such a big difference in muscle recovery. I use it to stretch and roll out sore muscles once a day. other relevant posts

    Tags: myofascial, muscle, massage

    1198 days ago

  • Business Founder With A Background In Massage Therapy Offers A Muscle Roller To Help People With Insomnia Get Some Rest

    A key strategy utilized by sleep specialists is to help sleep-challenged patients create sleep-supportive routines. These routines consist of activities that help the body begin to shift into a relaxed and restful state while minimizing sleep-disrupting activities. Stress reducing activities such...

    Tags: Sleep, Insomnia, Massage

    1216 days ago

  • Fan of the Foam Roller

    Then I opened and discovered that the roller itself was larger that I expected. The FoamRoller is designed unlike any product which is true. I work out several days a week and have tried for years to find a way to remove the muscle aches and knots that form and this by far is the best product. Ev...

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    1221 days ago

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