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  • great for the price

    For the money this head lamp is great. The two white light modes are nice and the red is surprisingly handy (not the flashing red). Led Headlight

    Tags: Led Headlight, Shining Buddy Headlamp, Led Headlamp

    1091 days ago

  • Five Stars

    I think the case is fine. But I had hoped it would fit my 6plus in an otterbox. It does fit out of the case tho. click for more Headlight posts

    Tags: Headlight, Led Headlamp, best

    1111 days ago

  • Great running lamp

    Easy to operate with single button power cycle! Low cost compared to the big names that do not even offer this robust of a feature set in a head lamp!

    Tags: waterproof led headlamp, led flashlight, Led Headlamp

    1124 days ago

  • Popular Newly Designed Sports CREE LED Light Can Be Used on a Hat or Headband: New CREE LED Technology Rips the Competition

    "We were looking for a way for people to easily use this new CREE LED technology and put bright light right where they need it, whether they're engaged in some do-it-yourself work around the house, on the job and out in the field, or if they're participating in night time sporting activit...

    Tags: LED Headlamp, Camping Light, Cap Light

    1135 days ago

  • A dog walker's other best friend.

    Not as bright as I'd like, but it's great for taking my dog for a walk at night. Hands free so I'm not holding a flashlight, her leash and trying to clean up after her all at once.

    Tags: headlamp for running, Led Headlamp, headlamp

    1136 days ago

  • Very good headlight for the price. Puts out a very bright spot.

    Fits comfortably on my head. Love the adjustment ability of moving the light downward so there is less movement of your head.

    Tags: ultraBright, LED Headlamp, LED Headtorch

    1140 days ago

  • It should do fine.

    The metal lid, price, and separate lid for cold beverages (straw) are the reasons I chose this brand over all the others. My coffee stays hot all day, and doesn't leak in my bag. Some heat does escape around the thin neck, but not enough to have the contents cool too quickly, or be uncomfortable ...

    Tags: Flashlight, Led Headlamp, headlamp

    1141 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Especially because the salt and pepper are together, and you can adjust it from course to fine.

    Tags: headlamp, led flashlight, Led Headlamp

    1143 days ago

  • ... for walking the dogs after dark and it is nice and bright and one can see everywhere W e ...

    I use it for walking the dogs after dark and it is nice and bright and one can see everywhere W e walk through the woods and fields, it is a great product. click for other Led Headlamp posts

    Tags: Headlight, Led Headlamp, headlamp for running

    1146 days ago

  • Five Stars

    I've been using this product for awhile, and I'm very pleased with the product. Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. see entire post

    Tags: bike light, headlamps, led headlamp

    1147 days ago

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