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  • These are really cute colors. Just received them today ...

    Just received them today, so have to wash before using. Package was packed well and traveled well. Order came 1 day earlier than expected. kitchen utensils

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    1099 days ago

  • Great Set!

    Easy to work with, handle and clean. The colors are vibrant and have stayed true so far. They sure do stand out, when you walk into my kitchen. It's the perfect size set. I thought they would be a little on the thin side once they were unpack-aged, but to my surprise, they work better than my nor...

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    1120 days ago

  • we love these scissors

    I did receive these scissors in exchange for an honest review: we love these scissors! The magnet is perfect to keep them on the fridge so we are hunting for them in a drawer, they are sharp and cut well, and as another reviewer said having the screw driver on the end is such a convenience! http...

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    1121 days ago

  • Works great but need to use a few times to get the hang of it!

    This has been a lifesaver. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

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    1126 days ago

  • not really sure how easy it would be to use but looked cool

    I was quite excited to try these herb scissors, as I have never owned a pair. I got these 5-blade Stainless Steel Herb Scissors for my kitchen, not really sure how easy it would be to use but looked cool. These are really sharp and cut great.

    Tags: Multi blade scissors, Herb Scissors, Kitchen utensils

    1129 days ago

  • New Amazing Product for Shielding Your Hands When Cooking Food With Cast Iron Cookware

    This product become an invaluable asset for me when cooking with cast iron and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking a solution to the burning hand problem. The price is reasonable and you can get it on Amazon. Ca which has easy and secure payment and with Amazon's fast shipment you might h...

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    1134 days ago

  • Snug and safe

    I slip it on before I preheat the skillet. Since the holder is silicone, I make sure it's away from the heat. The holder is snug that I'm confident it's secure. click for more relevant posts

    Tags: kitchen utensils, hot cast iron, protect hands

    1137 days ago

  • SuperEze Best Cupcake Scoop on Amazon

    The SuperEze Cookie Scooper is really well made, very strong and long lasting, and the company give a Lifetime Product Warranty, which is very strange these days for any seller to offer this. I also checked out the SuperEze site and they have loads of useful information on there, as well as other...

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    1138 days ago

  • Check out the reviews and feedback pouring in for the Smart Chef silicone spoon rests

    Posted a 2-minute and 51-second video describing her experience with the silicone spoon rest. According to her, she was amazed when she received two packs of the silicone spoon rest because she was expecting to receive two very small spoon rests. However, she was taken aback when she realized ...

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    1148 days ago

  • Five Stars

    This is a very high quality product using an organic based blend of aloe Vera, botanical extracts as well as essential oils of lavender, lemon, MSM and witch hazel, which when combined together refresh and smooth like nothing I have used before. It is indeed a touch of class and I would recommend...

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    1159 days ago

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