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  • Check Out This Fantastic Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

    I fully admit that I have a daily ritual around coffee. I get up every morning and before I'm even fully awake, I've got all the preparations started for the cup of the only thing that even makes mornings possible. Some days, I brew up a pot of French press coffee. Other days, I use my ...

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    2298 days ago

  • Great press for the price

    From my research, it seems that this is true of many stainless steel presses. - There are no marker levels on the inside of the press. Perhaps this feature can be added in the future for easier use. - Press shows fingerprints and water stains easily. Just make sure to wipe the surface clean and o...

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    2306 days ago

  • The quality of the coffee it makes is fantastic! But unlike most glass-cylinder based FPs

    I just purchased this after the cylinder for my other French Press broke. The quality of the coffee it makes is fantastic! click here to learn more about French coffee Press

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    2317 days ago

  • but overall I've been super happy and impressed with the grinder

    It takes a little getting used to how to set it to get the grind you want, but overall I've been super happy and impressed with the grinder. Have used a couple hand grinders in the past and was really leery about trying a new one, but have had no issues with this one. read complete ceramic burr g...

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    2327 days ago

  • No more freakin' kcups!!!

    I thought I would try it at home before trying an actual class so I can get comfortable with it. The ring is very sturdy and comes with a brochure with some basic exercises. At first, I thought the resistance of the ring was not going to be enough, but once I started to the exercises I realize...

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    2337 days ago

  • Good looks and Functionality

    I am also impressed by its attractiveness; it is a handsome piece. Its ability to make tea and coffee is superb.

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    2353 days ago

  • The Best

    This is not my first French Press coffee maker but it is the BEST. The double screen filters very well and it very easy to clean. The coffee stays hot longer than I expected. We will have many years of use with our SterlingPro making it a great value. more French coffee Press articles

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    2359 days ago

  • Shining star of the after thought shelf.

    Of all the French presses I haven’t given away or left in the dusty dark recesses of a kitchen cabinet or closet, this one will probably take the longest to find its’ place among the unused clutter, although invariably, it will. For purposes of comparison this double-walled pear shaped stainless ...

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    2365 days ago

  • Double wall for Double durability

    It holds the heat down to the last drop. I highly recommend this pot. read more about French coffee Press

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    2375 days ago

  • Way better than the old glass model I had

    Way better than the old glass model I had. Keeps coffee hotter for a longer period of time.

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    2382 days ago

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