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  • Five Stars

    It is softer than I expected to be used with your whole hand (like a fist) but is useful for each finger separate, like a grip. read entire report

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    1064 days ago

  • Every bit as good as the ones in the gym

    I must say these are really nice bands. I discovered similar ones in a gym and wanted a set for my home. These are every bit as nice and as strong as the ones in the gym If you're looking, you can't go wrong with these.

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    1105 days ago

  • Workout Bands set perfect for all statures

    However, not all resistance bands are the same in both quality and versatility. Tall people often struggle to find resistance bands that will stretch far enough to help workout the muscles. There are a few brands available that are ideal for everyone. The ViggoPro Resistance Bands from Viggo Pro...

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    1117 days ago

  • Love it. Use it daily

    For the most part I switch things around very little with this set up. Very nice guide books and on-line material available. High quality and a good price.

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    1243 days ago

  • Have been using my new Cayman Fitness bands for two ...

    Have been using my new Cayman Fitness bands for two weeks now. Very high quality and lead to efficient workouts. see entire post

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    1243 days ago

  • Awesome band! Can't wait to get the entire set!

    It's one of the highest quality bands I've ever bought and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the set. I received this band at a discounted price for my honest opinion. click for more exercise bands information

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    1244 days ago

  • Loop Bands Are The Best Training Gear - Smarter Trend Resistance Bands Are Truly Fabulous

    Allow those free weights a break and have a go on a exercise band instead. The suggestion might repulsed a lifter like yourself, but here's a secret you might just need to consider: exercise bands can be as good as free weights when it comes to power training.You're not the only who think...

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    1269 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Always hard to believe how difficult skipping is until you remember boxers use it as an exercise! I did get this at a discount price in exchange for an honest review.

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    1272 days ago

  • Great resistance

    It is a bit thin in width so I did use it with my workout gloves. When I tried it without was unconfrtable to hold. Fells like it will last a long time.

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    1307 days ago

  • These are a great product. I was surprised that you can combine ...

    I gave them to my Mom who is 82 and she loves them. I know that sound almost impossable but between the 5 bands and using 1 or more combined you can pick a weight level that a guy with 19 arms can use or even my 82 your old mom. I probably have 700 pounds of bar weight in the house not counting ...

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    1318 days ago

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