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  • I would not have my black furniture without this duster!

    I would be sunk without my fluffy duster, but a couple of times a day I whip it out and just whisk the hair away! So great for the environment (and my budget) too! Cleaning Supplies

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    1327 days ago

  • Presenting - Fluffy Microfiber Duster By Cleans Green™

    There are enough irritants, dirt, hair, powders, mold, bacteria, toxins to drive you insane ... and influence your health.Microfiber Duster.Fortunately there is an option. Introducing the Fluffy Microfiber Duster by Cleans Green™. This is important, especially if you struggle with chemical sensit...

    Tags: feather duster, duster, microfiber duster

    1779 days ago