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  • An excellent post regarding Bunny Jolly shares tips to build site

    To assist other entrepreneurs launch their first business website, Trendy Baby offers the following Top 5 web development tips. Select a domain name that reflects the company, its products and register it. Creating a website from scratch is time consuming and customizable templates are an easy wa...

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  • Five Stars

    I take one multivitamin every day, usually in the morning just after my breakfast. I definitely feel more energetic and healthy during the day. Before starting taking this pills I used to get home from work and be very sleep and tired, now I feel I have enough energy to do all the things I have t...

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  • VERY GOOD !!

    She has a few other brands and says the other brands sometimes have hard spots, a little piece of grit of some kind. None of that with these. art

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  • Five Stars

    My two year old has been asking for a pillow so I bought this one based on all of the stellar reviews. He LOVES it and is so proud of his "big boy pillow". I love that it doesn't need a case, can be thrown in the washing machine/dryer, and is just the right size for his little head. www.a...

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  • Love these

    Instructions say to shake then press down the tip for a few seconds to fill tip before use, but it took more like a minute or two to fill in the tip, not a big deal though just FYI. It also included two extra tips in case a tip needs replacing. Great works on my kids chalk board and wipes off per...

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  • Have a look at what fans of the current trend, adult coloring books are saying about this colored pencil set

    June 2, 2015 - Westminster, CO artERY NEWS -- There has been a recent surge in demand for adult coloring books. Once considered an underground hobby, now adult coloring books are a mainstream pursuit. Many publishers have been inundated with print re-runs, especially for famous illustrators such ...

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  • Have a look at the rave surrounding consumers thrilled about what they got from Ariana's Art

    Artists of all experience levels and specializations will be able to experiment and perfect their talents using this set. Unlike other artist pencils, these have a special triangular curved shape to make them easier to hold and draw with for extended time periods. For a limited time, Ariana's Art...

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  • check out why professional artists are wild about the odd shape of these colored pencils

    Surprised at first by the triangular shape, artists are rapidly becoming fans of the odd shape. Ariana's Artâ„¢ Vivid Color video testimonial. March 22, 2015 - Westminster, CO BEAR BOP PRESS -- Triangles are great shapes and famous works of art have been based on triangles, but colored pencils? co...

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  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

    Like Kevin says, it teaches you to see things as they are. Instead of looking at a tree and thinking "this is a tree," you look at its shapes (and how they relate to each other) and its shading. -- Mark]Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards 2012, 320 pages $13 Available from Ama...

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