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  • Dishwasher safe

    I am excited to use this. I hope to do this with my husband. I did receive this at a discount. I am glad that I can put it in the dishwasher since I am a busy mom. diet

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    1001 days ago

  • A Great Article About A New Thyroid Supplement.

    One extremely satisfied customer gave Health Plus Prime 's Thyroid Support a five-star review on Amazon stating, "I have been taking it a couple weeks and I started noticing a difference after the first week. I was impressed with how well it works. Other products have upset my stomach. This ...

    Tags: diet, weight loss, thyroid support

    1023 days ago

  • An Interesting Article About An Amazing Thyroid Support Supplement.

    I have been taking this supplement for about 10 days and for the first time in years I feel something close to my "old normal. " My old normal was the way I felt prior to having a child and having my hormones shake up like crazy. My sleep has leveled off and has gone from needing 10 hours a night...

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    1024 days ago

  • Check out the Best Thyroid Support Supplement

    Don't miss your opportunity to get your first bottle of Thyroid Support for just $2. This sale is this week only and Health Plus Prime typically runs out of inventory quickly, so it would be beneficial to take advantage of this great deal. "Our customers and their health are our first priorit...

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    1028 days ago

  • Just right!

    I like these just as well as any other brands I've tried. I haven't had a specific brand "stand out" as of yet, so I purchase what is priced the least at the time. I would buy these again as long as the price was consistent with other brand prices. digital

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    1073 days ago

  • RealFoodSquad Releases the Newest Handheld Spiralizer on the Market

    It can also create ribbons of other similarly shaped vegetables such as carrots, winter squashes, cucumbers and even sweet potatoes. Try it once and you'll be hooked," said Mr.

    Tags: low-carb, spiral slicer, diet

    1085 days ago

  • Tuvizo Uncovers Clever Ways To Slip More Veggies In Meals

    For burgers, the puree can be added into the ground beef recipe while pureed spinach or other vegetables can be another layer on top of tomato sauce before the toppings on a pizza. Snacks can also be made healthy by replacing starchy potato chips and fries with dried kale chips and baked veggie f...

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    1101 days ago

  • Chef Trusted Welcomes the Year with the launch of a New Product on Amazon

    "Our customers' testimonials will give you a better prove about our last product that was introduced into the market. Our Zester Grater foster wide recognition from customers. 5 blade scissors

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    1124 days ago

  • The magic of Forskolin from Health Plus Prime

    The wonders of Forskolin Extract. January 21, 2016 - West Point, MS PRESS RELEASE NOTICE -- Just recently, Health Plus Prime has announced that they will be launching a new product that promotes wellness and holistic care to all consumers. People are excited about this new product because they ha...

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    1129 days ago

  • BeYouthful Post On How to Detox After Thanksgiving

    January 10, 2016 - Deerfield Beach, Florida MAX KERN MEDIA -- BeYouthful, an online go to site for health, beauty, all things antiaging, and everything in between, that has even branched out to their very own product line BeYouthful Argan Oil being their best seller, has decided to start the ne...

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    1140 days ago

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