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  • Four Stars

    It fits securely on her crib mattress without any difficulty getting it on. Machine washable and dryer safe. It provides comfort and protection to her mattress at a great price! I received this item for free in exchange for a product review. All opinions expressed here are my own. http://amazon.c...

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    1163 days ago

  • love it!

    I decided to get a brush because my dog wasn't too fond of a groomer tending to his hair problem. The brush is amazing and he loves it as well. dog grooming

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    1164 days ago

  • This grooming mitt really is first class! Ask my dogs!

    The velcro strap at the wrist part also helps keep it in place. My dogs love when it is time to watch tv because that means they get petted, groomed and massages. I am pretty sure this is their favorite time of the day. I recommend this grooming mitt. click for more pet supplies tips

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    1182 days ago

  • Pretty neat set for carrying your water bottles on your ...

    It will also work with certain nalgene bottles with the smaller mouth. Great set for any outdoor enthusiast makes it quick and simple to clip a bottle to any pack and have it at the ready. click for more Pets information

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  • Petseer's new On-sale Nature's Miracle Suited Odor Remover Product is very magnificent!

    The said promoted pet supply is called the Pet Odor and Stain Remover supply which is found to be a good combo for another famous Amazon supply – the Nature’s Miracle. Nature's Miracle is another bestselling pet supply on that is also well-rated on the site like Petseer's new product. ...

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  • Petseer's new On-sale Nature's Miracle Suited Odor Remover Product is very superb!

    The product is also rated highly with a high rank on Amazon's best selling categories. This on-sale pet supply is also well-rated by many pet owners. Recently, the company and maker of Petseer's Nature's Miracle suited Pet Stain and Odor Remover product has created a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo for th...

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  • Happy customer

    My Pomeranian has been the unhappy recipient of this product, which I happily got at a discount for my unbiased review. While is she unhappy because she doesn't know how good it is for her when I'm deshedding her, I am very happy with how much deshedding this tool does. I have have been using it ...

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    1199 days ago

  • An Irresistible Promo Offer On Pet Products

    On top of its existing February promo, Kavsy™ introduces another offer for the month. Ozzy is back to bring another good news for pet owners. click here for more on cats

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    1217 days ago

  • The Best dog and Cat Nail Clippers On Amazon

    We have 3 dogs varying from 9 pounds to 65 pounds so we can not make use of the exact nail clippers on all of them. Since my 65 lb canine is now 12 years old, his nail clippers are quite old and it was time for some new ones. These ones are outstanding and are actuallydurable and durable and I ta...

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    1229 days ago

  • The Best Family Pet Deshedding Tool On Amazon

    I enjoy pet dogs, not the fur they shed all over! My partner & I just adopted a rescue pup who I cannot believe still has hair, he sheds a lot. I saw this & figured it was most certainly worth a shot. At this moment, I'm game for about anything that may assist!

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    1229 days ago

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