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  • fabulous diffuser

    Thanks for the great deal. I would recommend it to a friend. It lasts all night and then some. The diffusion is strong and aromatic. click for more Humidifier posts

    Tags: Essentail Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy, Humidifier

    1129 days ago

  • ) lol Have a nice day,

    Thank you I did receive the tea tree oil and I did make a shampoo for mydogs already with it. I did add some aloe from my aloe plant as well. I amwanting to get away from using harmful chemicals on my family and the highcosts that come along with them. I will be watching your company for otheroil...

    Tags: aromatherapy, tea tree oil, health

    1134 days ago

  • Lavender Essential Oil Launched by Emmi's Essentials

    In addition to its calming properties, lavender essential oil also has limitless household uses. It can be used to make a safe, eco-friendly mosquito and moth repellant. It can also be used to soothe burned, chafed or irritated skin and to ease achy muscles and alleviate headaches. And, lavender ...

    Tags: lavender essential oil, aromatherapy

    1142 days ago

  • Lavender Essential Oil Introduced by Emmi's Essentials

    A built-in dropper is included for added convenience. The newly launched lavender essential oil currently retails for $11. click here to check it out

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    1142 days ago

  • Relax Yourself in the Liveliness of PureScents

    This makes sure that liquid does not leak into the air inlet on the opposite side. To dry the inside, I used a towel to wipe it.

    Tags: Relaxation, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, Aromatherapy

    1152 days ago

  • Good for the money

    I needed to replace my old trimmer/epilator and decided to give this one a try. It works fine, is a little quieter than my old one, and holds charge very well. I also appreciate the storage box it comes in since it makes it easy to pick and pull the different trimmer heads. other relevant posts

    Tags: aromatherapy diffusers, ultrasonic oil diffuser, Aromatherapy

    1157 days ago

  • Great diffuser for the price!

    The mist pushes out quickly and is steady. The unit is quiet at least in the room I have it in. The only con is that the unit is hard to separate to fill with water and oils. I would definitely recommend this diffuser. read complete Essential oil post

    Tags: Humidifier, Essential oil, Aromatherapy

    1161 days ago

  • Like any ultrasonic diffuser

    This is not a flaw in the device, that's just the nature of this type of diffuser. Not knowing much about them, I chose this one because of the price and style. The wood look is very attractive. Additionally, the company reached out on a couple of occasions to make sure I was satisfied with the p...

    Tags: Aromatherapy, Essential oil, Essentail Oil Diffuser

    1163 days ago

  • Love this product!

    Looks like I just got back from Aruba but no skin damage. I get so many compliments and love this product!

    Tags: peppermint oil, aromatherapy, therapeutic

    1165 days ago

  • Sinus helper

    I didn't get any stretch marks with it. Maybe it's hereditary but at least it smelled nicer when compared to Palmer's and it had pleasant consistency. more essential oil tips

    Tags: aromatherapy, organic, essential oil

    1166 days ago

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