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  • Love this!!

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    1113 days ago

  • Argan oil is amazing for so many things

    Argan oil repairs damage at a cellular level! I only use organic products in my homemade goodies to ensure the best quality. I love this Skin Logix organic Aragn oil because it's pure, organic and NOT full of chemical fillers like some oils are. I highly recommend this brand for its quality. I re...

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    1126 days ago

  • smooth and moisturizing

    Very pleased with the color and consistency. The bottle was a little oily to the touch when I took it out of the box but that's due to the cap unscrewing a little (probably in packaging, transit, etc. I have received this oil at a discount in exchange for my honest review. cuticle oil

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    1128 days ago

  • Multi purpose oil, pure and effective

    If you deprive your skin of oil, it often goes into overdrive and it can start to overproduce oil. If you use oil on your skin, it balances and neutralizes your natural oil production. For you hair, Getting the right amount may take some practice. Start with a drop (or for short hair ½ drop may d...

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    1143 days ago

  • Great multitasking product.

    I've been using 3-4 drops of oil on my face at night and in the morning under my makeup for several months now and it has been a more effective winter moisturizer than all of my previous lotions, and has not exacerbated my acne. Used under makeup it gives my skin a dewy sheen. I don't use it as m...

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    1158 days ago

  • Overall : Pretty good

    This particular argan oil is great on my skin and for my nails. Not so great on my hair. I've used different argan oil over the years and this one is the only one so far that made my hair super greasy. I have a lot of hair and didn't use even a dime size amount. That is why I gave it a 4 star rat...

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    1166 days ago

  • I'm so pleased with this oil

    I'm so pleased with this oil. I love using it on my face & body with an essential oil of my choice to moisturize with. I received this product at a discount for giving a review.

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    1167 days ago

  • Excellent treatment for dry hair

    We have done multiple hair masks and bought tons of expensive shampoos and conditioners. It seems like the best solution we have found that gives the quickest results is using Argan Oil before she showers about once a week. We apply a small amount (it does not take much and this bottle should las...

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    1198 days ago

  • FOXBRIM is #1

    I put it on one of my patched of eczema and after 2 days of night and morning applications it is looking and feeling a lot better. Of course this is just my experience everyone's will be a little different. This is really the only reason I have been using Argan Oil. other Natural Argan posts

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    1198 days ago

  • It is very lightweight and has great coverage. I used it to also help shield ...

    My hair is so much softer and manageable since I have started using this argan oil. It is very lightweight and has great coverage. I used it to also help shield my daughter's hair from the heat of getting her hair dried with the hand dryer. With my husband's hair, it helps keep his hair from gett...

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    1202 days ago

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