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  • DRIVE Organic Air Purifier for Car - Moso Bamboo Charcoal 200g Drying Bag

    A natural canvas hand made bag packed with earth loving Moso Bamboo dried carbons is the eco-friendly answer for cleansing and purifying enclosed air. While an automobile's interior approximately the perfect match in size for what is recommended by 200 grams of Moso Bamboo charcoal, the frie...

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    853 days ago

  • The perfect air purifier you will ever need for your house!

    Concept2Commerce, an Irish-based Company, recently announced that the CareforAir Rainbow Breezer is the. June 10, 2016 - Truro, Cornwall BLUE TENT NEWSWIRE -- Concept2Commerce recently announced that the best selling item for the month of May is the CareforAir Rainbow Breezer. The company announ...

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    862 days ago

  • DRIVE Organic Air Purifier for Vehicle - Moso Bamboo Charcoal 200g Drying Bag

    While an automobile's interior approximately the perfect match in square feet for what is recommended by 200 grams of Moso Bamboo charcoal, the courtship between automobile and air freshener is born! Paired with an quick opening carabiner clasp and 3 inch nylon webbing lanyard, the DRIVE&trad...

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    871 days ago

  • The best air purifier you will ever need inside your home

    It is important that a person suffering from hay fever knows the season where a specific trigger is abundant so he can prepare and avoid it. - Some triggers are traffic fumes, weather and changes in temperature. Concept2Commerce knows that environmental triggers can not be really avoided when out...

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    896 days ago

  • The best air purifier for every household

    Careforair produce a wide range of essence from herbal and woody, citrus and fruity, floral and romantic all special aromas with unique positive effects. The CareforAir Rainbow Breezer together with the CareforAir Essences cleans and makes indoor air fresher and fragrant. Concept2Commerce solely...

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    966 days ago

  • Perfect air purifier found on Amazon

    The symptoms may be caused by indoor air pollution if there is a relief after moving to a different place. There are other Respiratory Health effects of Indoor Pollution and Concept2Commerce aims to spread the word. The company Concept2Commerce is a company that sells CareforAir Rainbow Breezer o...

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    989 days ago

  • Most Amazing air purifier essence in the market today

    To continue the good showing of the essence, the company has decided to put a discount on the product as a gesture of thanking their customers that made the product one of their best sellers. "We are really thankful for everyone who is continuously using the Anti Pet Dander for their air purifier...

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    1003 days ago

  • The world's most durable air purifier perfect for the Christmas Season

    " CareforAir Rainbow Breezer is an Air purifier developed and manufactured by Concept2Commerce to aid the company's goal to provide healthy, clean and fresh air in every household. The Rainbow Breezer is a unique air purifier/humidifier/ionizer that uses water as the main filter making cle...

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    1061 days ago

  • CareforAir Rose Essence 200mL - Romantic Scent Perfect For Your Partner

    I always loved the smell of roses since I was a child. I remember when I was young we had a very big garden full of roses and other stunning flowers. But my favorite is really the roses. Now that I'm a grown up I stay in the city with my family. It's a little bit different from where I gr...

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    1061 days ago

  • The most awesome air purfier essence on the market today!

    The CareforAir essences will be distributed under the company name Concept2Commerce. All the essences from CareforAir are water-based and can be used in all kinds of Air Purifiers, revitalisers, humidifiers, and ionizers. Some of the well known CareforAir essences are Lemon, Lavender, Green Tea,...

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    1078 days ago

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