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  • My Best Buy Ever!!!!

    This mat is amazing I cannot believe how things just easily come off when you bake anything on it one of my most excellent purchases and cheap too! Everyone in the house loves it! more silicone baking mat tips

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    985 days ago

  • Mrs. V's Kitchen Non Stick Silicone Baking Round Pizza Mat, 12 or 15 inch

    The Mrs. V's Kitchen Silicone Pizza mat was customized to fit your 12 inch or 15 inch aluminum pizza pan. It is food grade and made with the very best food grade silicone readily available. It is FDA and LFGB authorized and the silicone is non-stick so you can bake your pizza without the crus...

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    999 days ago

  • Five Stars

    3-STAGE Ceramic and Steel Knife Sharpener (Bundled together with free 7. This is a 3-Way Knife Sharpening SystemSharpens Steel and Ceramic Blades. Elegant Design to Match any Stylish Kitchen. Non-Slip Rubber Feel for Safe Grip. Tungsten, Ceramic, & Diamond Blades.

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    1002 days ago

  • Unique Silicone Baking Mat - Perfect for Presents

    ZallGood Products is promoting a very exclusive silicone baking mat. What makes this mat exclusive, is the circles that on most mats are used for your pastry placement are cute witty sayings with regards to all things food. These types of love-baked thoughts make this baking mat the ideal feel-go...

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    1005 days ago

  • Silicone Baking Mat and Glove Combo -- An Incredible Way To Cook Everything

    By the time I complete baking I don't have any interest in scrubbing up the pans of any spills or stuck, charred food scraps that may have gotten onto the pan. I was happily shocked at how the baking mat made clean up so easy.While I thought the pair of mitts might be great I was really shock...

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    1007 days ago

  • More than baking....

    I bought a set of these mats for baking, and liked them so much I bought another set for my craft work. They protect my new craft table and provide a nice surface for all those little beads that want to roll away. other relevant tips

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    1016 days ago

  • Silicone Baking Mat and Glove Combo -- An Incredible Way To Cook Everything

    I was looking/ trolling around Amazon. Com looking for bargains when I stumbled upon the Baking Mat with a pair of baking mitts. see entire Oven Mit article

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    1020 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Just started using and as a first time user I've noticed very positive results for energy and appetite control. Looking forward to other positive results with continued use. click here for more on Silicone Baking Mat

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    1036 days ago

  • I love this mat

    Perfect size and easy to store. Love the food sayings on the mat. A fun little surprise when the mat arrived! Cooking

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    1046 days ago


    I USED THE THE OTHER DAY ON A COOKIE SHEET IN THE OVEN TO BAKE CHICKEN BREASTS! Never have I had such an easy time cleaning up - no scrubbing or scouring, just soapy water. Washed the mat in the dishwasher atop the upper rack, and i came out perfectly clean. Have not used on BBQ since I use a Web...

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    1047 days ago

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