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  • Check out the awesome selfie stick.

    , recently said in a five star review, "A flawless transaction. Exactly the product and service I expected. , said in a five star review, Great company! Fast shipping and smooth transaction!

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    1103 days ago

  • Works Perfect

    The bluetooth shutter controller does disconnect quite often but I am pretty sure that is just the power saving feature and it reconnects instantly so no big deal at all!

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    1104 days ago

  • Smallest Selfie Stick for Your Cell Phone

    So, it was with thrill that we found the Supreme Mini Pen Size Selfie Stick on Amazon – because the point is, when you have the gadgets to expand the use of your smartphone, you want a lot more?The definite perk of this little friend is its miniature size: it is really like a pen you can sl...

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    1104 days ago

  • Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

    This Selfie Stick is truly built well. It is just so marvelous! It's so lightweight. It has an all inclusive telephone holder that fits my iPhone 6 impeccably. The phone holder additionally works extraordinary. I adore how I can take photos close up or further way. They provide you with all ...

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    1107 days ago

  • So many features!!

    The clamp at the top that holds onto your phone is super strong and holds a variety of different phones securely so you don't have to worry about your phone falling while trying to take a picture. Also, the extender arm which in my case is Gold (looks amazing) pulls out easily and it adjusts to s...

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    1109 days ago

  • Selfie Stick Review by SampleQueen2015

    I gave it 4 stars because it's ability to stay locked after i twisted the stick to lock in place, it kept sliding down. That was the only issue i had other than that its a cool selfie stick. more parties articles

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    1117 days ago

  • Best selfie stick

    It seems to be the best around and I recommend this to everyone. I actually bought a few last Christmas. more tips by this author

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    1120 days ago

  • Greatest Mono-pod Ever. Non-Bluetooth, Lightweight, Quality devise for Wide Angled Portraits.

    Recently I was a hit at my sis' wedding event with my brand-new DBD Audio Selfie Stick. I have some terrific pictures and I owe it all to my selfie stick. What a terrific discussion starter. I felt like a really wise techy. The DBD Audio Selfie Stick is so simple to use but the trendy design ...

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    1124 days ago

  • Great selfie stick

    Easy to use and really efficient. I use Blue Apron- garlic is in almost every recipe- this makes preparing garlic MUCH easier.

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    1125 days ago

  • GLOBE Stick, Best Quality Wired Monopod With Built-In Remote Shutter with Universal Phone Holder

    Quality-wise this GLOBE Stick is golden. Cool and sturdy design awaits you. Come and lay your hands on this beautiful device for your most current iPhone gadget.You can change this Globe Stick to match your phone holder click-by-click. You will be amazed to know that this is the most sophisticate...

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    1126 days ago

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