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  • Five Stars

    The material is much nicer than any other bib I have and protects clothes well! It is super cute too! The pocket does a great job of catching crumbs!

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    1069 days ago

  • Checkout This Incredible Half Price Amazon Sale

    Corporate headquarters in Geneva, IL, Ryan Anderson, president of Crushers, Inc. Announced the launch of their Amazon 50% off sale for their SpyCrushers brand Selfie Stick, Micro Digital Video Recorder and their Luggage Accessory Bundle products. Shoppers are required to use Amazon coupon code G5...

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    1070 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Product came well packaged and works perfectly. Fans are very quiet with no vibration. If the lighting wasn't there, you wouldn't know it was running.

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    1070 days ago

  • Best Gift at the Party

    It looks very high end and works great! We loved taking group photos until the owner took it home. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. more photography posts

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    1073 days ago

  • Check out this cool selfie stick for taking excellent couple selfies

    A staggering 200 million roses are produced for this day, celebrated on 14 February. Couples around the world enjoy creating special photo memories on this day. The NoxuStick ensures couple selfies with lots of background as it has a reach extending to 36. other selfie stick tips

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    1080 days ago

  • As advertised, very happy with purchase

    Exactly as advertised, I used it once in a work application to take pictures in manholes without having to get down and dirty. It was very easy to set up blue tooth.

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    1091 days ago

  • Newest Mono-pod - Lightweight, Adjustable, Non-Bluetooth, Cable, Simple Design.

    A contrast of the Bluetooth vs Wired vs Mechanical Selfie StickIf you are new to the Selfie Stick world then you might have a couple of questions. I will attempt to cover the basic points here.What is a Selfie Stick? - A Selfie Stick is an extendable device that an individual uses to hold a camer...

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    1093 days ago

  • perfect selfie

    Easy to fold up when you're done and simple to use every time! The zoom features are great for getting just the right shots! It's a great deal for the current price! more Selfie Stick tips

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    1096 days ago

  • Fun to use!

    (No more getting a large cutting board dirty for a small task). The largest cutting board is not all that big. (Not big enough for a large watermelon) it's sized for like a pineapple. The ridges on the board actually do help to keep the juices from running, which makes cleaning so much easier. O...

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    1097 days ago

  • Very easy to use!

    I'm a first time selfie stick user and this was simple to use. It securely held my phone (iPhone 6s plus) and it took me no time to sync the Bluetooth with my phone and start taking pictures. It's very sturdy, not flimsy at all, I highly recommend it! "Please note, I received this product at ...

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    1103 days ago

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