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  • Quality Wireless for Mobile Phones

    This Stick is great for capturing that Oscar picture that you wouldn't be able to by just holding your phone in your palm. With it's Bluetooth your hands will never tire from holding the phone in the air anymore. You can take it to parties to grab those special moments with your friends. ...

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    1085 days ago

  • Ultra Small Selfie Stick for Your iPhone

    So, it was with thrill that we discovered the Supreme Mini Pen Size Selfie Stick on Amazon – because the point is, after you have the gadgets to expand the use of your smartphone, you want much more?The definite perk of this little friend is its miniature size: it's truly like a pen you...

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    1089 days ago

  • Amazing Self-Portrait Monopod Provides Excellent Performance For iPhone and Android Users

    I was going to be awarded the top sales honors during our company's annual national sales convention. It was a huge ceremony involving more than a thousand sales representatives and district managers nationwide. As I was packing my clothes, my 5 year old son excitedly handed me a sm...

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    1090 days ago

  • Easy to Utilize Innovative Mini Monopd with Built-in Bluetooth Shutter as well as Zoom function

    I discovered this amazing mini selfie stick on Amazon. This brand-new generation selfie stick by "Selfies RU", has a (5X) zoom function suitable with Iphone 5 through 6+ and android based cellular phones (operating system 4.2 and up) and is readily available in black and pink.The detach...

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    1090 days ago


    I saw a lot of fun party shoots taken with selfie stick on Facebook and decided I'd try it out. I searched on the web and found many that looked cheap and a few phone holder designs do not really fit iPhone 6+ with possibility of breaking my phone. So, I wanted one that is durable and that i...

    Tags: group picture, party, selfie stick

    1093 days ago

  • The Best Miniature Selfie Stick for iPhone 6 Plus Android and GoPro Camera

    I bought this really awesome selfie stick on Amazon. I used it to take selfies over the 4th of July and it was so cool! I was able to get myself, my friends, and all the fireworks in the frame! One of the best parts is this camera pole is so small in size, it is very convenient! And it fit p...

    Tags: adjustable cellphone holder, camera mount, selfie stick

    1094 days ago

  • Unique, New Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth Self Shooting & Extendable Telescopic Pole On Sale

    More than a million selfies are taken each and every day and according to Samsung, selfies make up 30% of the photographs taken by people amongst the ages of 18 and 24.What if you have a extended stick that enables you to hold your phone up to 1 meter away so you don't need to have to squash coll...

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    1100 days ago

  • Unique, New Selfie Stick Goes On Sale

    I found this really great selfie stick on Amazon and it is definitely amazing. I took it to a wedding ceremony which shocked me since no one in the wedding had even an concept of this selfie stick. It is actually simple to carry, getting a light weight selfie stickIf anybody reading this and is s...

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    1110 days ago

  • Selfie Monopods Help Sieze Special Moments With Simplicity

    In this time of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and many other newsocial networks for uploadingvideos, everybody is posting a selfie. From normal folks like me to popular people like Kim Kardashian, every person can take a selfie. And selfies will not be going away anytime soon; Yahoo believes o...

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    1113 days ago

  • Bluetooth Wireless New Model Selfie Stick Be Creative and Have Fun!

    This is a product I never ever believed I would buy from Amazon or any place . To my surprise this little gizmo and to betruly useful on my recent holiday to Palm Island in Florida. There were 10 of us and to obtain all of us in numerous shots through out the island was actually cool.My kid'...

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    1116 days ago

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