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    The installation is pretty straight forward. The phone screens were cleaned of any oil as well as possible and the protector was carefully applied. Any dust or lint underneath the protector was easily taken care of with one piece of scotch tape. No need to do this in a steamy bathroom as scotch t...

    Tags: Screen protector, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Note 5

    1291 days ago

  • Galaxy Note 5 Screen Protector Created using High Quality PET Plastic 3-pack

    Screen protector for Note 5 Semi-Curved Edges? No problem.I have already been browsing the web for the best screen protector for my newly bought one week old Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There are tons of companies and manufacturers offering their "perfect cut" Note 5 screen protector. I did ...

    Tags: Ultra clear, Screen protector, Samsung Note 5

    1335 days ago

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