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  • SUPER VALUE PACK Multi-Purpose Anti Tip TELEVISION Strap - Awesome Childproofing For Your Home

    If you're anything like me you feel constantly a little unsure about exactly what you have to do to keep your child/children safe at all times.I was so shocked when I initially saw my little bundle of joy pulling herself up using our home entertainment center as her support. I have actually h...

    Tags: furniture straps, baby safety, pets

    2195 days ago

  • The Very Best Animal Dematting and Detangling Comb

    I have 3 long haired pets, all little, and they always get tangles under their ears that wind up being impossible to eliminate without cutting them out. I simply got this dematting comb and everybody got combed. My long hair chihuahua has a really thick long coat, uncommon for a Chihuahua. He was...

    Tags: pet grooming, pets, dogs

    2253 days ago

  • The Very Best Family Pet Deshedding Tool On Amazon

    I like pets, not the fur they shed all over! My husband & I just adopted a rescue pup who I can't believe still has hair, he sheds so much. I saw this & figured it was most certainly worth a try ... at this moment, I'm game for about anything that may help! I've been using a h...

    Tags: pets, cats, pet grooming

    2255 days ago

  • Finest And Strongest Pet Retractable Leash On The Market

    I've never ever attempted a retractable pet dog leash with my canines, but have used them with another pet dog. The 16 foot cord provides a dog lots of room to stroll, but with the leash lock, you can keep your family pet on a short or long leash. There's a single button lock that quickly...

    Tags: retractable dog leash, pets, dogs

    2314 days ago

  • The Most Convenient Pet Seat Belt You Have Been Searching For

    Take a moment to imagine how dangerous it is to have a dog sitting on your lap and kissing you all over your face while you are driving. As responsible citizens and pet owners, we must ensure safety for ourselves, other people and our pets whenever we are behind the steering wheel.Specially made ...

    Tags: seat belt, pets, belt

    2326 days ago

  • The Right Travel Bowl for Your Pet

    Is this scenario familiar to you: the pet becomes thirsty while on a long walk and its owner only has a water bottle in hand? Pet owners who experienced the same scenario actually tried pouring water above the pet's mouth, cupped their hands to serve as a bowl or stopped their pets from drink...

    Tags: kavsy feeding bowl, kavsy, pets

    2333 days ago

  • The Best Family Pet Travel Provider I've Ever Used

    We have two felines, 9 lbs & 11 pounds. We were searching for a lightweight solution for carrying them, so going to the veterinarian would be as trouble-free as possible, for the felines AND the humans. Previously we have actually been making use of a big hard plastic crate. The major ailment...

    Tags: pets, dogs, cats

    2358 days ago

  • How to Toddler Proof Door Knobs. Try Door Buddy.

    My two year old started opening doors a few weeks ago and therefore it was time for us to start baby proofing doors because there are just some rooms in the house that I prefer she does not go into. I tried some of those door handle covers, but she is a little Houdini because she figured them ou...

    Tags: Pets, Parenting, Child Proofing

    2397 days ago

  • First Aid Colloidal Silver Skin Care for Cats

    Colloidal silver is a proven antiseptic medicinal remedy for both humans and pets. This 'Spot Shot' from Simpetico Pet Supplies on Amazon can be administered to comfort with abrasions or minor burns and to combat infections while triggering the regrowth and healing of affected tissues.It...

    Tags: wound care, pets, colloidal silver

    2410 days ago

  • Trying To Find An Easier Way To Keep Dog Out Of Litter Box? Checkout Door Buddy!

    Isn't it wonderful when you finally find a product that makes your life easier and it is actually working like it is meant to? That is exactly how I feel right now. I am 6 months pregnant with my second child and I just got sick and tired of the inconvenience of using a pet gate to keep our...

    Tags: Cats, Pet Product, Pets

    2418 days ago

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