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  • Four Stars

    You get what you pay for. I was not expecting this. My grandson is hands down the wettest kid in the world. He has eczema and psoriasis around the back of his neck. read entire Monopod post

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    1076 days ago

  • monopod selfie stick premium quality

    This review is for monopod selfirstick i tested out selfie stick on three cell phones was easy to hook up but it does not work with all smartphones it seems it only works on the more expense ones tryed lg g3 and ipod 5 and hook up fast also tryed on a nokia smart phone and it would not link up ...

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    1096 days ago

  • Worth buying

    You can get some cool pictures with these. I have to pop my Otterbox case off my phone so it will sit flush but that isn't a problem. see entire iphone selfie stick post

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    1106 days ago

  • Best Selfie-Stick Adjustable and Lightweight Quality selfie stick. Premium Non-Bluetooth, Cable Version. Works with Android

    Recently I was traveling in Vietnam and brought my Bluetooth selfie stick. This ended up being a headache as I was having a hard time keeping my selfie stick charged. Every night it ended up being a big decision as to which devise I was going to charge. Phone took precedence and after that my com...

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    1125 days ago

  • And I love it!

    So easy to use and It's got great extension. Just exactly what I needed. Can't wait to take it with me to coming up trips to New York and Russia. read entire Monopod report

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    1133 days ago

  • This Selfie Stick is very sturdy. This is NOT a cheaply made stick

    I bought this for my IPhone 6s Plus since it is a heavier IPhone. This Selfie Stick is very sturdy. This is NOT a cheaply made stick. My IPhone 6s Plus has a case on it and there is no problem with fit. click for more Extension Pole tips

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    1149 days ago

  • It is very solid and handy. It would be ...

    It is very solid and handy. It would be even nicer if they can make it longer for a 50mm SLR to take a full picture of selfie. more Smart Phones posts by this author

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    1159 days ago

  • iQuipped Wireless Tripod - Are You iQuipped?

    For my current trip to Vegas, I was looking for one of these well-known Selfie Sticks that I & my loved ones could use for a bit of excitement. Searching on Amazon, I came across a business called iQuipped. They had released a new Selfie Stick which incorporated Bluetooth & Wireless techn...

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    1170 days ago

  • Easy to use

    It is very sleek with a chrome finish so you can leave it out on the counter. The grinder has a window on each side to see how much grounds you have made, and if you need to continue grinding. read more

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    1181 days ago

  • Newest Mono-pod - Lightweight, Adjustable, Non-Bluetooth, Cable, Simple Design.

    A contrast of the Bluetooth vs Wired vs Mechanical Selfie StickIf you are new to the Selfie Stick world then you might have a couple of questions. I will attempt to cover the basic points here.What is a Selfie Stick? - A Selfie Stick is an extendable device that an individual uses to hold a camer...

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    1187 days ago

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