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  • Best drying towel I've found

    I initially bought ONE of these to wash my new car with. I didn't want to use any old towel on my brand new car paint, and I didn't want to go through an automatic wash either. It does a great job soaking up the water, and you can simply ring out the water to continue drying your car down. more C...

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    1844 days ago

  • Drying Towel - Best Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel - Great for Cleaning and Detailing Cars

    You'd think the devices should wash a vehicle would be more important than drying it, however if all that old rag or cotton towel did was leave lint and streak marks, exactly what was the point of spending time detailing it? Think the fulfillment you'll receive from your vehicle appearing like it...

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    2032 days ago