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  • High Quality Magnetic Knife Holder Keeps Your Knives In Place and Safe

    I found this really amazing quality Magnetic Knife stripe, on Amazon. I bought it as a surprise to my wonderful wife as she always complains the kitchen is not big enough for all her kitchen tools and she loves it. This 16 inch Magnetic Knife holder helps her keep her knives organized. And she s...

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    1003 days ago

  • Magnetic Knife Bar

    The knives likewise suffered damage through nicks which reduced my blades sharpness. I had a pal who was using a magnetic knife bar and I liked the it helped her to be more organized in her kitchen. I also liked the easy ease of access of knives at her disposal. Needless to say I rushed out to ...

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    1033 days ago

  • Great product!

    I bought two for the space I knew I would put them in and it has saved me so much drawer and counter space (no containers to hold them in taking up space! read full Magnetic Knife holder report

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    1127 days ago

  • Helpful Knife Bar For Any Family

    Not only that, the extra hooks that hang on the bottom bar mean that both of us can have more stuff out of the drawers and up on the wall. It also doubles up as a great safety device, ensuring our kids' hands are not able to get to the dangerous blades whilst we're preparing dinner. http:...

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    1211 days ago