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  • Spring Sales For Loofah Hand Pads from Wicked Health and Beauty now available on

    Loofah Products from Wicked Health & Beauty for use in exfoliation, detoxification and natural beauty care. June 15, 2016 - Clearwater, FL ORATOR -- Wicked Health and Beauty is wrapping up a Spring Sale for one of its most popular products; Loofah Hand Pads. Regular exfoliation is a key part...

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    983 days ago

  • Wonderful travel set.

    I bought this as a gift to a friend that likes to travel frequently and she just loved it. It is compact and has everything you might need to take on a trip plus the bag it comes in is so handy she said she just sticks the whole thing in her suitcase and off she goes. I am very happy to have gott...

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    1048 days ago

  • Awesome

    I saw this and decided to just give it a try. I am so glad I did. This cloth is better than I expected. It literally wipes the makeup gone!

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    1081 days ago

  • Hot New Bubble Bath Friend

    A smooth accessory to my everyday bubble bathes. It rids some of the dead skin while making the body feel wonderful. The discount I got in exchange for a review on this product was great. click here to learn more about Luffa

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    1187 days ago

  • Works perfect! Does a good job make my skin squeaky clean.

    Now this is something I have been looking for all over California I could never find, They have one in the store but they are hard type of loofah. They are so nice to use in the shower or bath. They are relaxing, they clean your skin, they exploit your skin. Durable and easy to use. I received th...

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    1217 days ago

  • the back scrubber though is all types of awesome! I love it so much more than a ...

    Okay so the loofahs are loofahs, same old same old. The back scrubber though is all types of awesome! I love it so much more than a back brush! This total kit is fantastic and I will be totally giving these out in like spa gift baskets for Christmas or showers! I did receive a discount in exchang...

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    1226 days ago

  • Five Stars

    I just use an alcohol and tea tree oil mix. I received this product in return for my honest review but I do not feel that has affected my opinion on the product because if it sucked I would have told you so.

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    1234 days ago

  • Want To Get A Bit Of Luxury In The Bathroom? You Need This Particular Shower Pack!

    Since I've tried out the SuperiorMaker Shower Pack I'm unquestionably a convert! It comes with three first-rate hand sized loofahs which are perfect at getting a really good lather up. They exfoliate my skin so well I just feel a whole lot better after using them. The back scrubber strap ...

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    1313 days ago