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  • This miracle skin remedies is amazing.. retinol with 2

    This miracle skin remedies is amazing. 5% hyaluronic acid ,vitamin e,, and take note 72% organic. I've been using the product for just a weeks ,i noticed the difference of my skin its a big improvement,im struggling from acne problem,,this serum work's great for me. No irritation of skin,,becaus...

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    1073 days ago

  • Skin feels happy after using this for a few days.

    Twice a day I wash and pat dry my face, then apply a small amount of the retinol serum, which feels like a vanishing lubricant on my skin. Then I use the moisturizing cream, which also needs just a small amount - I'd say a half gram covers my entire face and neck with ease. Both products have a l...

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    1104 days ago

  • Does not burn your skin

    I don't know why but some Retinol's burn while others do not. Overall this is a great product to try out if you are starting to use Retinol on your skin or if you are wanting to see how a serum will work for you. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased...

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    1105 days ago

  • Years falling from my face!

    The serum is light and goes on clear. It does not have an overpowering scent. I look forward to my nightly beauty regime because of these products! I will be recommending these to all of my friends!

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    1142 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Best by far the best moisturizing cream I have used by far. I wash my face then I apply,goes on so smoothly and feels so cool and refreshing. My face is definitely more toner and just feels so smooth and great. Although I reviewed this product at a reduced rate for a honest review, I would recomm...

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    1231 days ago

  • It has actually served 2 purposes for me!

    You can’t beat that it serves more than one purpose! I also like the very light delicate sent, and the fact that it is 72% organic! The pump is airtight and not only works great but keeps any type of bacteria and germs from contaminating the serum. see complete post

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    1254 days ago

  • Best retinol serum I've tried!

    I received this product on the day expected. I used it that night and added it into my normal skin care routine. I washed my face with a gentle cleanser, applied the retinol serum and let it sink in, then I applied a facial moisturizer on top. I used this serum nightly for three nights. http://ww...

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    1256 days ago

  • Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Diminishes Wrinkles and Offers Anti Aging Help

    It was hassle-free to order, arrived in a jiffy with their super shipping and had the Amazon. Com guarantee that made sure I was satisfied with the purchase. I decided to try Simply Beautiful! other relevant tips

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    1691 days ago

  • OSHI GLOWS Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin E & Vitamin C, Best Facial Serum

    In this case, the follow up by the seller was also outstanding, seeing to it I had actually gotten my product and that I was pleased with it and getting the most out of it. That does not occur frequently. more Hyaluronic posts by this author

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    1699 days ago

  • OSHI GLOWS Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin E & Vitamin C, Best Facial Serum

    I admit I didn't really comprehend before exactly what a facial serum was but after checking out this hyaluronic serum and feeling the results, I wanted to learn more. A serum is more than just some lovely ingredients mixed together. A serum is designed for really deep penetration into the skin l...

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    1964 days ago