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  • Too early to tell if any weight loss, but look forward to the chance!

    I received this item free in exchange for a review. I have only been taking the product now for only a couple of days so still too early for any weight loss. I received this product within a couple of days of accepting the offer.

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    1099 days ago

  • wonderful

    I have only been taking these for a week now but i can already feel my appetite isnt how it was. Ive been able to portion meals instead of my usual huge plate and then some more later at night haha. Its helping me control my weight gain, and in time i know i will be getting even better results if...

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    1102 days ago

  • Sliming my tummy!

    Since fully committing to the program I have started to see real results. My mental moods feel more in balance and I have more energy to help me multitask everything from my business to my wedding right now. Keeping me going(only 37 day tell the wedding) and giving me the right healthy boost. I a...

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    1102 days ago

  • worth the money

    It's really effective body cleanser supplement. Me and my wife have been using this weight loss supplement for a month and it really delivered a very good result. It cleanses your internal body and at the same time you gain weight loss. The process is very natural!

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    1108 days ago

  • I've been using this as directed for about 2 weeks ...

    I feel a little slimmer but have lost only 2 lbs. I'm thinking that it's water weight right now and I probably will lose more after the month has passed. I've been feeling as if I have more energy and not quite sure that it is a side effect of the pills but I've been having mini bursts of energy ...

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    1122 days ago

  • It works!

    Imagine that feeling you get when you haven't eaten for days, but that feeling is NEVER satisfied. So, that being said, this product does curb your appetite. I haven't been using it for long, but I can already tell that it's helping. click here to learn more about Garcinia Cambogia

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    1127 days ago

  • Quality Product!

    I opted to use the product to help me with portion control. Do not take this product with a belly full of food as that will likely deactivate the product. Take it after your belly is empty and approaching the time for the next meal. I don't take it first thing in the morning as I eat right away w...

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    1127 days ago

  • I have been using this and it is working great so far

    I have been using this and it is working great so far. It works as well as similar products at the drug store. I would recommend this to anyone who needs this. I received this product for free or reduced cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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    1130 days ago

  • great product. Recieved at a discount for review

    Very comfortable as I'm required to sit or lay down most of the day. I sleep on a lift chair so as I recline, the shape of the cushion is made just right.

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    1131 days ago

  • Group of skinny's on the way

    So we all decided to give it a try for a month. Some of us lost more than others but the fact is we still ALL lost weight. click for more garcinia cambogia dr oz tips

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    1136 days ago

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