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  • Very nice product

    The usage guide that was emailed me was very helpful, and gave me other ideas for how to use this product. Nice to know there's a humane, non-toxic way to get rid of mice. And my house smells minty fresh! more articles by this author

    Tags: peppermint oil, therapeutic, essential oil

    1776 days ago

  • Five Stars

    My daughter has been keeping her charcoal pencils and drawing scraps that she wants to make more elaborate. She likes the elastic band that keeps her items in the sketchbook secure and also uses the bookmark ribbon that helps her keep her place on the inside. click for other relevant posts

    Tags: essential oils blend, essential oil, organic

    1776 days ago

  • Great diffuser, matches or exceeds more expensive ones.

    I have several diffusers for various rooms that are way more expensive. This one really gives them a run for the money. I buy a lot of Essential Oils so love diffusing. The Koko Aroma caught my eye when it was offered for a very reduced price in exchange for my honest review. Pros: The Koko puts...

    Tags: Essential Oil, Essential Oil Diffuser, Vaporizer

    1785 days ago

  • Great product.. worked very well for tooth pain!

    Used very successfully for tooth pain. This is my second order because my husband accidentally dropped and broke first bottle. Be exceptionally careful when this happens as it can eat through plastic. Our house smelled like peppermint for quite sometime regardless of what we did. peppermint oil

    Tags: fragrance, essential oil, peppermint oil

    1786 days ago

  • On Sale Easy Way To Make Use Of Bath Bombs with Dead Sea & Epsom Salt

    A Valuable Bath Bombs with Dead Sea & Epsom Salt That Relieves A Variety Of Ailments. May 23, 2016 - Blaine, WA STABLE PRESS -- Aptstrong Supplement Inc. Emerging from Blaine, Washington USA has currently embarked upon a brand new product online. Aptstrong's Bath Bombs with Epsom Salt is ...

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    1792 days ago

  • Great diffuser for the price!

    The mist pushes out quickly and is steady. The unit is quiet at least in the room I have it in. The only con is that the unit is hard to separate to fill with water and oils. I would definitely recommend this diffuser. read complete Essential oil post

    Tags: Humidifier, Essential oil, Aromatherapy

    1830 days ago

  • Like any ultrasonic diffuser

    This is not a flaw in the device, that's just the nature of this type of diffuser. Not knowing much about them, I chose this one because of the price and style. The wood look is very attractive. Additionally, the company reached out on a couple of occasions to make sure I was satisfied with the p...

    Tags: Aromatherapy, Essential oil, Essentail Oil Diffuser

    1832 days ago

  • Sinus helper

    I didn't get any stretch marks with it. Maybe it's hereditary but at least it smelled nicer when compared to Palmer's and it had pleasant consistency. more essential oil tips

    Tags: aromatherapy, organic, essential oil

    1835 days ago

  • Fed up of burners that are Smokey? Try the Pure Scents Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Its delightful scent will help to improve one's mood and that means the difference between having a difficult day and one that is pleasant. Moreover, the advancement of technology has enhanced how scent is used for healing, increasing energy, improving concentration and to make one feel relax...

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    1838 days ago

  • Five Stars

    Tags: fragrance, essential oil, massage

    1842 days ago

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