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  • Graduated Modern Compression Socks For a Big Discount

    "What more and more people are finding, especially people who are on their feet a lot, is compression socks are also excellent for reducing lower leg pain, shin splints and other problems people have with their feet, calves and ankles," said David Splettstoesser, founder and CEO of Splett Sports ...

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    1104 days ago

  • Comfortable High-Quality Compression Socks For a Big Discount

    The compression is not constriction which is dangerous, but a gentle pressure that allows proper blood flow and stops swelling. "People who are on their feet all day, like nurses, and people who demand a lot from their legs, athletes, appreciate the socks. click for more sports articles

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  • Five Stars

    They were received by me within two business days. So fast shipping is a BIG plus. I love gray they came individually rolled and tied with a ribbon. I purchased these for myself since I had surgery and I knew this was something that I needed. I would recommend them for personal use or as a gift. ...

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    1128 days ago

  • Great if you want thick handles

    The recommend length can be determined by stepping on the rope with one foot and then lining up the handles to your chest, around nipple height. This is how long the rope should be. You can remove the rope for the handle for easy storage or maybe if you want to swap ropes for different heights. w...

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    1134 days ago

  • Great for thin wrists!

    I can double wrap my wrist and take on a bunch of weights and my wrists are very thin. I can encircle and overlap my other thumb and index so very thin.

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    1169 days ago

  • Really Tight,. I cant even put it in my foot/calf but I like it.

    Its very stretchable and it has a garter in both ends to maintain it in my legs. Product sample provided for free or at discounted for an honest unbiased review with no means of payment or incentives offered in exchange.

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    1196 days ago

  • Save 67% OFF on ignitionfit High Skipping Jump Rope, Now Only $9.99

    Ignitionfit High Speed Jump Rope strives to fuel an invigorating fitness movement by revolutionizing the way people jump rope around the world. Ignitionfit aims to inspire an engaged community to work hard and transform themselves by jumping into better shape. " Everyone can benefit jump ropin...

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  • Hot Pink and Light Blue Colors are Added to the Top Supportive Wrist Wraps on Amazon for Crossfit, Powerlifting, and Body Building

    For the women's line, the top wrist wrap colors include yellow, light blue, light pink and hot pink. Red is also another color that matches the color style of women's sportswear and fitness apparel. For the men's line, the top wrist wrap colors include red, dark blue, light blue, and ...

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  • Graduated Modern Compression Socks On The Market

    February 14, 2016 - Malsch, Baden-Wuerttemberg IN OUT NEWS -- The seller, Splett Sports, is now featuring athletic performance gear. For the causal or serious athlete, injury is a part of the experience.

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  • Wonderful Tricks for Using Pull-up Resistance Bands For More than Simply Pull-ups.

    The pull-up resistance bands can be used to take push-ups to the next level, or to help with stretching muscles more efficiently or making Yoga poses a bit more difficult. Any individual can get as creative as they want with the pull-up resistance bands and can use them for any type of workout, t...

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