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  • A Perfect Mini Pump For Your Bike, All Those Basketballs And Footballs

    This is a lightweight pump, which you can connect to your bike. The pump itself is small-- about the length of my hand-- and really light to hold. Although created for bicycles, it can likewise be used to pump up other things obviously, such as footballs. It is basic to use and the handle locks i...

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    1171 days ago

  • Portable Bike Pump 15 Bar With Gauge

    A short while agoI was shopping for a mini bike pump. I went to and found many that had one or two attributes I was looking for. In time, I found the mini bike pump made by Javelina Bike Accessories.It had all the things I wanted. Here is a brief list.The pump is made of aluminum, n...

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    1333 days ago

  • You Pay For What You Get, It's What You Wanted Right

    Of course you've heard, it's the size that matters... or so they want you to believe.Ok, I'll let you off the hook, you can get both... huh? I can hear you now - "What you talking about?What I'm telling you is that you can get everything you want with the Pump Me Up! Mini Flo...

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    2002 days ago

  • Never Damage Another Tire Valve Again - Deluxe Bike Pump Review

    Well I thought that I 'd seen everything till I got my hands on this pump by Geared2U.As soon as it was in my hands I could tell that this is a genuine quality product. The look and feel is very superior and I simply know that it will last for a long time.I've bought or tried many bike pu...

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    2019 days ago

  • Tutorial Video - Care And Maintenance Of Geared2U Floor Pump

    You're ready to quit! Toss it in the garbage!But wait! You're not losing it or going crazy! You simply have to see the video below to obtain all the answers to your questions!It is extremely important to understand the best way to utilize your bike tire pump properly to make sure that you have lo...

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    2032 days ago

  • How To Change A Bike Tire Pump From Presta To Schrader

    If you're like a lot of other people you have likely gotten very frustrated trying to change a Bike Tire Pump from a Presta Valve Bike Tire pump arrangement to Schrader. Well Geared2U knows how you feel and has made a tutorial video that anyone can view below. t...

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    2121 days ago

  • A Great Bike Pump At A Fantastic Price

    Finally there's a bike pump that everyone can afford to get that won't break the initial time you utilize it.Geared2U has provided a mini bike pump that is made out of aluminum and is CNC machined to exacting precision. This bike tire pump is designed to last and will more than likely out...

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  • Mini Bike Pump by Geared2U - Lifetime Guarantee

    Be ready when cycling out on the roadway or trails by seeing to it that you have one of the top 5 bike add-ons with you, a mini bike pump.You never ever want your trip to be cut short by a slow leaking tire or a flat!The Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump by Geared2U is very light weight and compact to q...

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