Love Your Eyes With A Targeted Eye Cream

Vellumay Vitamin C Eye Gel is a concentrated eye moisturizer which is oil and paraben free and penetrates deeply.
This formulation is ideal for eliminating the effects of free radicals and oxidizing the skin.

Especially formulated for anyone with delicate skin, this concentrated eye cream yields fantastic results minus the harshness of retinol.

Produced by Savy Industries included in their Vellumay healthy skin care line, this eye serum is actually fortified with not just vitamin C, but also vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for a super strong skin restoration and rejuvenation serum.

This product also contains advantageous, proven ingredients to help brighten and rejuvenate your skin. Ingredients like licorice root, cucumber and green tea extracts. Each of those vital ingredients performs specific functions to brighten the skin, eliminate puffiness along with replenish vital nutrients.