Utilizing Liquid Chalk Markers At Home And Work

Chalkboard markers and pens are especially developed to be used on glass. Producing no dust or odor, chalkboard pens are perfect for use in the board room or the classroom. Children can use these pens without the risk of suffering any side effects.

Packets of chalkboard pens are available in various colors, with 2014's trendy colors including lime green, purple, blue, yellow, red, white and hot pink. They can be used on white boards, which are now found in many newer schools in place of the old fashioned chalk boards. Chalkboard pens are also safe to use on ceramic, meaning they can come in handy when doing certain art projects.

Unlike classic chalk, chalkboard pens last a while and can simply be cleaned off using a wet sponge or cloth. There is less of a need to patch up art work where chalkboard pens were used. They make art projects simpler for both adults and children.

These sorts of pens can be useful for a small shop owner because it enables them to safety write a food list, special sales or anything else they want on a wall, window or desk display. Anything that required the use of chalk to write on previously can now be written on using chalkboard pens. They are a very functional item to have.