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Rainbow Silicone Band Refills Value Pack - Create Cool Bracelets. Scented colours

It is not at all difficult to see why behind the increasing appeal of Rainbow Loom bracelets. Super popular among school-age children, these are fun to make, vibrant and look absolutely magnificent when worn singularly or many at once. These incredible bracelets are made from elastic rubber, that is really easy to wear and get rid of.

Along with the Rainbow looms rubber bands refill, children have enough to make lots of amazing bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Steps for making your very own Rainbow Bracelet

If you are planning to help your children with a Rainbow Loom fishtail bracelet, then make use of alternate or group colors to form an intriguing rainbow design pattern. With a bit of creativity and ability in location, you will quickly have a winner on your hand.

1. The products required for making your rainbow bracelet consists of a crochet hook or a mini Rainbow Loom kit, Rainbow Loom silicone band refill in various colors and plastic "c" clips for weaving closures.

2. Put your initial band in the loom in the firm of an "x". The second rubber band likewise goes on to the loom, however without being twisted.

3. Take your hook and hold up the bottom elastic band, one side after another. You will discover both sides of the bottom rubber band on top of the hook after this step is done.

4. Now, take two even more rubber bands and pull them throughout the elastic band that you already have in put on the hook. You can stop when these two rubber bands are halfway through. Now take a pause and turn the hook towards the right side and put the hook in between the loops createdmade by you.

5. Put on another rubber band and pull it through, simply stopping when you are midway through-- similar to you did earlier.

6. Go on adding even more vibrant rubber bands to make the fishtail bracelet of your dreams.

7. Lastly, to finish the process, put a "c" clip on the last added elastic band. Take off the various other end of the bracelet from the loom and fold it in half. Add that end on the "c" clip too.

You can vary the results with a rubber band refill Value pack, where you can get all kinds of bands: scented, glow in the dark, fluorescent, brilliantly colored etc.


How you can win your childs heart and keep them hectic for hours!

Have fun & develop the most fantastic looking bracelets
- High quality, durable and extremely elastic silicone that do not easily brake
- 1800 loom bands with great, clear and bright colors makings your bracelets stand out.
- A total amount of 14 handpicked colors, including the popular favorites: black and white
- 600 bands with New stronger glow in the dark formula
- 100 % compatible with Rainbow Loom and all other Loom brands offer infinite possibilities.
- Non hazardous & Latex free material

Keeps your kids delighted for hours making amazing bracelets, rings and necklaces which brings joy for the whole household.

Added Value in this personalized pack which makes it a perfect stuffer for Xmas
- 5 cool charms for FREE for bracelet decoration
- 3 Added Hooks so welcome your good friends
- Extra Clips! - A total amount of 90 S-Clips included
- New Feature:A good fruit scent has been added to the bands

The Value Pack comes with a full refund satisfaction garantuee!

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