San Diego Criminal Attorney

Most tools charges come with significant quantities of jail time not to point out stiff charges. If you have actually been charged with tools offenses you need a San Diego defense lawyer to assist you prepare your case.

The Law Office of David Gutierrez has the understanding and experience you should construct the strongest case against your tools charges. Our experience with past cases has actually instructed us the very best means to combat these charges.

Exactly what are Weapons Charges?

Weapons charges include having a weapon (hidden, packed with no permit), having a weapon by an ex-felon (once again, hidden, packed or not with no permit), having an attack weapon, having a tool (including illegal weapons such as knives, daggers, brass knuckles, nun-chucks or various other martial arts tools), brandishing a weapon, discharging a weapon, offering a weapon (in an unlawful trade or sale) and using a weapon while dedicating a crime.

Why Do You Need Legal Representation?

San Diego is infamously hard on fatal weapon charges, specifically the illegal possession and/or use of a weapon. These charges usually carry jail time, steep fines and a criminal record which can destroy any employment chances you may have had in addition to any possibility of attaining respectable housing or expunging your reputation.

Because a tools offense is a felony under Californian law, the steep charges involved can be devastating, specifically if you are innocent of the charges. Obviously not all the charges are as rigid as a felony. Many of them are misdemeanors. Whether the charge is a felony or an offense is going to depend in an excellent part on the conditions involved, type of weapon involved, exactly what was being done with the weapon, whether the weapon was packed and/or hidden, the accused's criminal record or drug record at the time of the arrest and any various other details that may affect the outcome.

To guarantee that you get the best defense possible for you case, ensure that you get in touch with The Law Office of David Gutierrez today to begin constructing the case that will offer you back control of your life.